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Why can't lard be eaten for a long time? What are the disadvantages of eating lard?

When it comes to lard, we immediately associate the words "greasy, high-fat and high cholesterol". Not only young people, but also middle-aged and old people dare not eat more. It is not recommended to eat lard for a long time, but it can be eaten in proper amount and mixed with vegetable oil. So for some old people, it's better not to eat more lard.

Characteristics of lard

Fat is an important energy source for energy supply of the body. If you take it for a long time and a large amount of it, it will be easy to increase blood lipid, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, dyslipidemia and other diseases. The fat of lard is mainly composed of long-chain fatty acids, and the hydrolysis ability in the stomach and colon of human body is weaker. After eating a lot of fat, the content of fatty acids in the blood will increase rapidly, which will aggravate the oxidation and metabolism ability of the body, and finally lead to the regulation imbalance of fatty acids, resulting in the abnormal metabolism of blood lipids. My suggestion is to optimize the vegetable oil composed of medium chain fatty acids, such as coconut oil and olive oil.

So why don't we recommend lard for a long time?

In fact, when it comes to the disadvantages of lard, the fundamental reason is that it contains high 'saturated fatty acids', which has certain damage to blood vessels. For the general population, it is recommended to choose more vegetable oil, such as olive oil and coconut oil.

In fact, for those who love lard, there is no way out. It is recommended to eat it in proper amount. It can be improved by reasonable cooking methods, which can increase the vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K, vitamin E and carotene, increase the absorption and utilization of these fat soluble vitamins, reduce the content of saturated fatty acids and increase the content of unsaturated fatty acids.

What I said before is that it's not good to overeat lard, rather than not eat at all. As lard is extracted by boiling, it is easy to be oxidized and rancid in the air, so if you want to eat some lard properly, you can directly choose fresh fat to fry part of the fat, which may be because lard contains arachidonic acid and & alpha; - lipoproteins and other substances, some people just like to use it directly for cooking, the taste will be more mellow, but it should not be placed for too long, no It will affect the taste and edible value.

There is such a kind of people, do not eat oil, let alone lard, if the long-term lack of fat intake, is also adverse, will easily cause the lack of fat soluble vitamins, cause night blindness, coagulation mechanism dysfunction. Fat is an indispensable substance in human body. As long as we find a reasonable amount, balance the diet, increase the variety and diversity of food, and use other foods to neutralize the content of saturated fatty acids in lard, we can eat healthy. Adults are advised to take 20-25g oil daily.