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Which floors are better for buying a house? The best floor to buy a house

Buying a house is like looking for a boyfriend. The house type is five senses and the floor is height. In terms of hardware, girls are most concerned about appearance and size. The same is true for buying a house. The floor is the most concerned problem of the people except the house type! This article will analyze in detail how to choose a floor so that you can easily choose a good floor for yourself

1. Never buy a lower floor

First of all, let's talk about the low floors that are generally not favored by the buyers, especially the young ones. From the first floor to the third floor, people usually live under the canopy of trees, very close to the ground, and can often listen to the branches knocking on the windows. To say that they are psychologically comfortable, this is the best place. They should keep in touch with the outside world without looking down. And even if the elevator is broken, you can easily climb the building, just exercise. If there is any accident, such as earthquake, collapse, fire and other accidents, it is easier to escape.

But the life close to the ground also has some shortcomings: the first floor to the third floor is very close to the ground, although getting psychological comfort, but the low-level air circulation slows down, the shadow and humidity are large, and the pollution of the building area with poor ventilation is also serious. In some old communities, the basement will return to the tide, and more vulnerable to mosquito infestation. On the other hand, the first floor is the least quiet. If you are facing the street, the noise from cars on the road, shopping mall radio and so on will also affect your normal work and rest. Open another Internet bar close to the shops along the street, and don't want to sleep at night.

There is also the problem of lighting. Because the floors of floors 1-3 are low, the lighting is obviously poor, and the vision is not wide enough. Most of the vision is basically blocked by surrounding buildings, which is one of the important reasons why many young people do not like low floors. In addition, the first floor is the most vulnerable to theft.

2. How to choose the best floor

The best floor to buy a high-rise building should be between 3 / 1 and 3 / 2 of the building. Take a 21 story building for example, its best floor is between 7-14 floors. Whether it's lighting or air, it's good. If it's a landscape building, the effect is very good. Such a high person standing on the balcony will not feel dizzy.

According to this law, how to choose the best high-rise residential floor for other floors (for reference only, the specific situation of each community shall prevail):

The best floors for a 15 story house are 5-7.

The best floors to buy a house with 18 floors: 6-7 floors.

The best floors for a 30 story house are 6-7 and 15-24.

The best floors for 28 story houses are 6-7 and 15-22.

The best floors for a 24 story house are 6-7 and 15-20.

The best floors for a 26 story house are 6-7 and 15-20.

The best floors for a 25 story house are 6-7 and 15-20.

The best floors for a 22 storey house are 5-7 and 14-17.

However, it also depends on the actual situation and varies from person to person. For example, if there are old people and children in the family, it is more suitable to choose the lower floor. If there is a small courtyard on the first floor, and it is not a very small one, it is the most suitable one! If there is an attic on the top floor, and it is the one with larger available space, then you can choose the top floor; if there is no such thing, you can choose the one below the eighth floor In case of power failure, it's not too hard; if you are a young man, you can choose to have more than 10 floors and a wider vision.