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What's the difference between Thailand ray mask and gold and silver? Which color is good for ray mas

many people prefer Thailand skin care products. Among them, Thailand ray silk mask is very good. So what's the difference between gold and silver? The effect of different colors is also different. If the skin is dry, you might as well choose silver, the effect of water bar! Thailand ray silk mask has a faint rose fragrance. After applying it, it feels that the skin is very comfortable. It doesn't feel any stimulation at all. After 15 to 20 minutes, take the mask and feel the skin water is tender and tender. After using it, wash the mask, dry it, and feel Ni Guanghua for second days.

Ray mask golden and silvery Thailand Ray Silk Mask ten boxes of gold and silver:

[main effect of golden style] repair acne and pockmarks, lift and tighten, fade spots, red blood, and brighten skin color.

[silver main effect] clean and replenish water, tender and anti wrinkle skin, shrink pores, repair redness and swelling after sun exposure, and brighten skin color.

Silver ¥ 148: Seaweed Super Hydrating and cleansing, whitening and rejuvenating skin, 0 pores.

Gold ¥ 158: gold foil deep repair firm skin, acne, acne mark, freckle, smooth fine lines.

The reason why gold is more expensive than silver is that the golden mask contains 🔅 gold foil 🔅 it belongs to the restorative mask mask, which protects the skin from the source.

Thailand ray mask usage method [Thailand Ray Silk Mask usage tips] preferably after bath, the best effect after bath or after bathing, the pores are open and the skin is full of moisture. This time, the mask is best absorbed, and can fully add the essence of the mask into the skin base. So as to achieve the effect of moisturizing, tender and smooth skin.

[Thailand Ray Silk Mask usage] first remove the pearlescent film, apply the silk membrane (middle layer) to the face, remove the blue shaping film, and then push it away.

[note] when the face is on the face, it should have a memory effect from the bottom upward pulling the patch film on the paste. The downward sticking can make the skin more pulling, and play a better effect. If you use it correctly, you can also lift your face. The center of the nose is the center. The outer side should be covered with the mask of the center of the human nose, and the mask will be smoothed out from inside and outside, and the empty space will be launched. Qi, the outer part will be super submissive. After 15-20 minutes, take the mask paper and massage for a few minutes to promote the two absorption of skin. Then rinse with water, rub the toner, lotion or frost to lock the moisture.

Thailand ray mask good use? Now the patch mask is more and more, all kinds of miscellaneous cards mixed together, so that the beauty of the girls can not choose. Tian, Xiaobian, we recommend a super value, super excellent patch mask --Ray Silk Mask. The silk mask has ultra-thin material, light rose fragrance, and the essence is enough. It is very comfortable to come down. It is a very suitable repair mask for everyone. Repair damaged cutin, increase skin elasticity and nutrition, resist radiation, brighten skin color, whiten and moisturize. All in all! Suitable for all skin types. You'll know with one.

Thailand ray mask advantage 1. price in the same mask is relatively cheap. Here I do not list other brands of Silk Mask, you can be interested in a treasure on the comparison.

2. is the most suitable mask in the same kind. It can fill the furrow of the skin tightly, perfectly fit the contour of the face without blistering, and even the corners of the mouth and the wings of the nose can be covered and moistened.

3. the effect is quite good in the same kind of mask. RAY mask contains special gold foil, which can be used as super fine particles of active gold, which can improve the permeability of the skin, regulate the skin's acid-base, nourish the skin, prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays, eliminate toxins, prevent pigmentation, and combine with pearl, ginseng and other extractive fluid to become a moisture conduction factor. It can effectively maintain the moisture of the skin, and long-term use can promote skin metabolism and make the skin smooth and delicate. Keep your youth alive.

4. Absolutely the safest, 41 safety tests. Many agents have taken the mask to do the test. Ray can stand the test.

5. the essence is quite plump, whitening and replenishing water to brighten skin tone, blemish blain, and not hype. The net content of each bag is above 35g, and you can imagine the essence of it. Many people say that the essence of their mask is also many, and it will also drip! Good Silk Mask adsorption ability is very good, more essence is not easy to drop. Ray natural silk mask can be firmly attached to your skin, so that every drop of essence is locked on your face.