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What do you need to prepare to learn swimming in summer? Swimming equipment list

summer is coming, and it's the swimming season again. But for many people, it's still the dry duck. So for beginners, what do you need to prepare for swimming in summer? What are the necessary items for swimming in summer? If you want to learn to swim, you can prepare in advance.

1. Swimsuit: remember to learn to swim, one summer bought two swimsuits, because can't swim, always sitting on the edge of the swimming pool, so one of them quickly broke. So the first time you buy it, don't buy it very expensive, because in the swimming pool, it doesn't matter whether you look good or not. The key is to swim well, so you have confidence

2. Swimming cap: generally, swimming pools have requirements to wear a swimming cap, but boys' hair is short, which will not affect swimming. Girls' hair is long. If you don't wear a swimming cap and go into the water, your hair will cover your face. If you don't say anything, you can't see anything, it's not easy to learn.

3. Earplugs: I don't think it's enough for people who can swim. But for people who have never been underwater, it's safe to take it with you, and you won't worry about the water pouring into your ears. So, to learn to swim, you must wear earplugs.

4. Swimming goggles: it's a big investment equipment. It's a necessary condition to learn how to swim if you can see underwater with your eyes open in the water. If you expect to learn how to swim with your eyes closed in the water, it's probably Superman. The key to the quality of the goggles is whether they leak, and a better price may be equivalent to 2-3 general swimsuits.

5. Swimming pool monthly pass: this person thinks it is necessary to buy it, because it is definitely not the days that the coach teaches you, so it must take time to practice. The cost of this call may be the largest. Some people say that I go to places where I don't spend money. I suggest you don't have this idea. There are lifeguards in the swimming pool. When you are in danger, the lifeguards will save people in time. You can't learn to swim without drinking water, but life is always the first thing

6. Buy a set of washes and slippers that can be taken out. This is a must, unless you go to that place, which is very high-end, these are provided, otherwise, from the swimming pool, if you don't wash well, for a long time, the chlorine in the swimming pool will be itchy. It's as itchy as a skin disease.