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What's the new Apple device iPhone 11 and iPhone 2?

There is a new terminal code d321ap on geekbench 4. Is this mysterious Apple device running IOS 12 the upcoming new iPhone x? I believe many people are curious about this new device. Let's get to know it.

According to the parameters displayed by geekbench 4, this device runs IOS 12 system, with a main frequency of 2.49ghz six core processor, 4GB internal memory, and the model is iPhone 11,2. According to this situation, this is an iPhone.

As for the running score, the single core score of the iPhone 11 and 2 is 4673, while the multi-core score is 10912. It seems that the score is basically the same as the performance of the iPhone X's a11, so the former should also be equipped with the a11 processor.

If this is the new iPhone x, it seems a little inappropriate. After all, it's the a11 processor, and the 6.1-inch cheap iPhone x is not suitable. After all, the built-in memory is 4GB, maybe it will be Apple's new iPad?

What kind of equipment do you think this is?