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How to upgrade didi express to didi express?

Didi express is a very convenient and practical auxiliary vehicle platform for travel. Many people will choose didi express when they go shopping. What is the registration process of didi express driver? How does didi express become didi express driver? Let's learn from Xiaobian.

1、 Preliminary preparation.

1. To be a driver of didi express, we need a car first. Here are Didi's requirements for the driver:

Vehicle is local license plate

The price of naked car is more than 100000 within 5 years

Three party insurance of 300000 and above, seat insurance of 10000 / seat.

The driver is more than three years old

2. Which cities can join:

At present, Didi has opened taxi services in 8 cities in China, as follows: Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Chongqing, Hangzhou. The owners and friends of these cities can join the express. More cities will be opened in the future. (many other cities can also register, but they can only register as special trains. After the local express train is opened, you can receive the express ticket.)

3. Vehicle selection:

If you already have a car that meets the requirements, you don't need to think about the problem of the car. If you haven't bought a car yet and want to buy a car to drive fast, you should pay attention to buying a car that is fuel-efficient, comfortable, low maintenance costs, and the price of the naked car (public offer, excluding preferential) is no less than 100000 yuan. Specific model selection can go to the car website and forum to investigate. The owner of the vehicle may not be the same person as the driver, that is, the driver's license and driving license may not be the same person.

2、 Register your account number.

3、 Didi express joining process.

At present, Didi Express has not a separate app, but is embedded in didi taxi. Xiaobian will introduce the registration process of didi taxi to you.

1. Fill in the data and enter the QR code;

2. Take photos and upload photos as required;

3. Further improve the owner's information, and the photos and information are recommended to be filled in and saved step by step, because the photos are relatively large, which can improve the efficiency;

4. After the completion of data setting, online learning will be carried out, and online examination will be conducted after the completion of learning;

5. After passing the examination, I will enter the waiting qualification examination. After the examination, I will be registered as a didi driver.