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Why is the watermelon sister so angry? Whose personal information is the jitter special pet?Has

recently been repeatedly washed up by watermelon girls? Used to see the net red awl face and heavy make-up, so clear and refined watermelon sister is not a bright in front of people? Watermelon sister's unexpected popularity is not because of how much earth shaking beauty and appearance he has. However, netizens think that sister watermelon, combined with the duet six years ago, affectionately interprets the word "coquettish", which is pure and coquettish.

Who is the voice of watermelon?

Voice nickname: @ exclusive cute

Jitter number: V78208

Data: life is prosperous, and the future is bright. I wish you a happy life

Through the popularity of small video "co shooting with you", watermelon sister's "flower bridge and water" became popular. In a few days, countless netizens took photos with watermelon sister. Watermelon sister's video occupied my mobile screen for four or five days!

Watermelon sister fire, first of all, the music is better. The songs that are popular with you, the chorus of men and women are undoubtedly the best way to shoot this way! And the flowers and bridges are different from the other chorus songs of male and female on the trill. The male and female choral songs in the past are rather gentle and inclined to the popular music. They are very sweet but also very boring. Loud and clear voice singing out, refreshing, a vomit before the vogue, song generous natural, quite national flavor, except watermelon sister's video, listen to this song alone is also very good!

Secondly, it's the performance of watermelon sister! With the singing, watermelon sister's performance is getting better. Although it's only a few tens of seconds, watermelon sister's coquettish gesture when a woman is in love is extremely vivid, which is also the reason why the majority of male netizens are so excited.

Finally, the appearance of watermelon sister. Light makeup, fresh and natural. It's natural to be a bit more disgusted with the "artificial beauties" on the jitter. At this time, the natural woman of watermelon sister is not very beautiful, but looking at it is very human. It belongs to that kind of looking type. The more I see it, the more I feel that the watermelon sister has the intellectual beauty of Oriental women.