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What can't be put in the car in summer because of the fire in the car caused by mineral water?

for the car owners in summer, will they put a lot of small things in the car when they get off? In fact, this kind of behavior is very dangerous. Recently, a passenger car in Taichung, Taiwan, caught fire because its owner put two bottles of mineral water on the anti-skid mat on the dashboard. The windshield broke on the spot. Fortunately, no casualties were found.

Experts warn that in summer, high temperatures, such as glasses, perfume, canned sprays and other items, can cause fires due to the sun's exposure. People must be very careful.

In front of the driver's seat, there was a circle of black, the windshield was broken into spider webs, the car interior was even more frightening, and the rubber strips had been dissolved.

The fire broke out in Beitun District of Taichung city. It was more than 5 o'clock in the morning. The driver parked his car on the side of the road after work. Unexpectedly, the action before work led to a tragic result.

Taiwan Zhongtian TV: after parking the car, the owner put two bottles of Baote bottles with water and several invoices on the anti-skid pad on the dashboard. Unexpectedly, the car burned accidentally.

According to the judgment of the garage technician, when the light enters the car from the window, it will focus the light spot on the anti-skid pad through the edge of the water bottle. Generally speaking, the temperature of the closed space in the car that is stalled at noon will be nearly 70 degrees. After the refraction and focusing, the temperature will rise to 120 degrees at most. In addition, the low ignition point of the anti-skid pad and the invoice will support the combustion, so the fire will start.

Not only water bottles, glasses, lighters, but also can't be left on the dashboard at will, or it will probably burn.

Taiwan expert: when the directional light hits the condensing lens, it will move towards its focus, so all the heat of its light source will be concentrated at this point.

In addition to things like the effect of magnifying glass, perfume, mobile power, canned sprays, and cars will be self ignite or explode if the sun is shining.

Common things are thrown on the dashboard at will. Although this small action is very convenient, it is like an irregular bomb. At any time, it may lose a lot of blood in the bag, or even cause a car fire accident.