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Which scenic spot ticket prices should be reduced for key scenic spots?

Many people will choose to visit the scenic spots during the golden week of May 1 and the 11th, but it is unacceptable that the ticket prices of some scenic spots are too high. Recently, the state announced that it would adjust the tickets of some scenic spots before the golden week to prevent them from being too high.

China's national development and Reform Commission said Thursday that it will effectively reduce the high ticket prices of a number of key state-owned scenic spots before the golden week of the 11th by taking measures such as price monitoring or cost investigation and stripping off the 'extra burden' of tickets.

On the same day, the national development and Reform Commission issued guidance on improving the ticket price formation mechanism of state-owned scenic spots and reducing the ticket price of key state-owned scenic spots. The opinions are clear. With the construction of public resources such as national scenic spots, national nature reserves, national key cultural relics protection units, national parks and so on, the quality level of tourist attractions is rated as 5a, and the current state-owned scenic spots with high price level as the focus, the high ticket price will be reduced, and the price of state-owned scenic spots of 4A and below will be actively promoted.

It is suggested that all regions should not ignore the importance, be mere formality and perfunctory; should not increase the price of tickets in an explicit way or in a concealed way. At the same time, the price of other tourist services such as transportation in the scenic spot should be increased to increase the burden of tourists in a disguised way. The relevant person in charge of the price department of the national development and Reform Commission said that we should focus on solving the outstanding problem of "extra burden" of ticket price, increase the efforts to clean up and standardize the illegal and unreasonable income and expenditure behaviors of local and scenic spots, not only reduce the ticket price correspondingly, but also ensure the normal operation of scenic spots.

It is also clear that in 2018, while promoting the improvement of the formation mechanism of ticket prices of state-owned scenic spots, the task of reducing ticket prices of key state-owned scenic spots has achieved remarkable results. By 2020, based on the reasonable operating cost of the scenic spot, the scientific, standardized and transparent mechanism for the formation of ticket prices of state-owned scenic spots will be basically sound, which will significantly enhance the role of promoting the sustainable and healthy development of scenic spots and the high-quality development of tourism industry.

It is reported that at the end of May, the ticket price of Huanghelou single person in Hubei Province was reduced from 80 yuan to 70 yuan; the ticket price of "three holes" scenic spot in Qufu, Shandong Province was reduced from June 1; the ticket price of Huashan Scenic Spot in Shaanxi Province in peak season was reduced from 180 yuan to 160 yuan; the ticket price of Yangzhou Slender West Lake was reduced from 150 yuan to 100 yuan in peak season.