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World Cup extra time rules how long is extra time in the world cup?

Last night, the Spanish vs. Russian game was in progress. The two sides played 1-1 in 90 minutes and entered the extra time stage. Many people don't know much about the extra time game of the world cup, so under what circumstances will there be extra time game in the world cup? What are the rules of extra time game?


In the extra time football match, when it is necessary to decide the winner, the current extra time rules are as follows:

(1) 90 minutes later, both sides draw, 30 minutes extra time, more goals in extra time win;

(2) 120 minutes later, if the two sides are still tied, they will enter the 5-ball point kick match, that is, 5 people from each side will be sent to take a penalty, and those with more penalty will win;

(3) If the two sides are still tied after the 5-ball penalty kick, they will enter the 1-to-1 penalty kick, that is, from the 6th round of the penalty kick, each side will send 1 person to take a penalty kick in each round, and if all the penalty kicks or all the penalty kicks are missed, the team members will continue to be sent to take a penalty kick; until there is a penalty kicking of one side, and one side's penalty kicks missing, the penalty kicker wins. In some football matches, after 90 minutes draw, there is no extra time for 30 minutes to enter the penalty kick directly.

Current rules

On February 28, 2004, FIFA announced that the golden ball system and silver ball system, which decide the outcome of the competition, will be cancelled. It's back to the traditional practice to distinguish the outcome of the game, that is, if the game is tied within 90 minutes, the teams of both sides will have extra time match. Extra time game is divided into two parts, each part of the time is no more than 15 minutes at most; if there is no difference in the extra time game, it will take a penalty shoot out to decide the winner.


Previous rules

Gold ball system and silver ball system

Golden ball system is in extra time game as long as there is a goal, the game will end, the goal side wins. This is also called sudden death.

The silver ball system means that if one of the players in the first half is ahead of the other in extra time, they will not play in the second half of extra time

The overtime team won. If neither side scored in the first half, continue in the second half until the end of the game. If there is a goal ahead, the leading side wins. If the two sides are even, they will enter a penalty shoot out.

World Cup top 10 classic football overtime cases

Brazil beat Italy on penalties in 1994 World Cup final

It's a fierce but not brilliant game. Both sides have been successful in defence. They have handed each other a blank in 90 minutes. For the first time in the history of the world cup, the winner will be decided by penalty kick. Veteran Baresi was the first player to play but shot a penalty, which cast a shadow on the Italian's psychology. Tafarrell, on the other hand, took on the responsibility of Brazil. After masaro's defeat, the fate of the Italian team was in the hands of Baggio. However, Baggio, who was under great psychological pressure, could only say goodbye to the champion with tears. This moment also became the most memorable scene in this world cup.

1996 European Championship: Germany's golden ball wins over Czech Republic

Germany, the underdog, gave the Czech Republic the lead in the 59th minute. In the following games, the Germans have to cope with the opponents' heavy defense, sharp counterattack and ruthless time at the same time. In the 69 minutes, the struggling vogtz replaced biekhov, which proved to be the most correct decision. The Czech was very reluctant to be dragged into extra time by him. The Czechs were still strong. But the German team launched a fast attack, the 95th minute, biekhov received Klinsmann's pass, the ball was sent into the door by his shooting incredible, the Czech died suddenly. This is the golden ball of the first major game in the world.

Extra time 1992 European Championship semi-final: Denmark's penalty shoot out of Holland

The Danish team was the last to come to the party, but they were ready to take all the cakes. But the Dutch team is not weak, the two sides show their strength and the score rises alternately. Rijkaard scored 2-2 in the 86th minute, winning an extra 30 minutes for Holland. However, the Dutch three swordsmen did not win the match with all their strength, and the match inevitably went to the penalty shoot out. The Dutch team's troubles came in the second round when Basto's penalty was saved by Schumacher. They can only wait for Denmark to make a mistake, but God is not on their side. The Danish team continued their fairy tale journey.

1990 World Cup semi-final: West Germany beat England on penalties

The match between West Germany and England is one of the best memories of the tournament. The two teams have been in a pleasant high-speed attack and defense, sweeping the dull atmosphere of the current cup. In 90 minutes, the two sides played 1:1. Both sides missed out on some opportunities in overtime. It's only a penalty shoot out. The smooth England team failed in the fourth round. Pierce lost to ilgener. The lagging England team is counting on the fifth player, but the tense Waddell has ruined the England team's future. After the game, Gascoigne shed candid tears and became a classic scene in the history of football.

1990 World Cup semi-final: Argentina beat Italy on penalties

The semi-final between Argentina and Italy in the 14th World Cup is a dazzling classic battle. Squillaci gave Italy a 1-0 lead in the 17th minute. But the great Maradona almost relied on personal strength to make Argentina survive 90 minutes without danger. The two sides tied 1:1 to enter the overtime match. The Argentine team in 10 people against the enemy's inferiority strength guarantees the city gate not to lose, entered the penalty kick decisive battle. Argentina goalkeeper gayechea became the real hero of the game. He saved his opponent's two penalties in a row, and Argentina magically entered the final.

1986 World Cup quarter finals: France beat Brazil on penalties

The early encounter between France and Brazil is both gratifying and regrettable. The two teams are highly skilled and the game is exciting. The Brazilian scored in the 17th minute of the game, but Platini was soon able to get a goal back for France. Brazil missed a great chance before the end. In 90 minutes, the two sides drew 1-1. There are still some wonderful scenes in extra time, but even winning can only make the two teams face cruel penalty. Socrates, the first player, missed the penalty, and Platini made a mistake. At the last moment, the Frenchman seized the Brazilian's chance to shoot at the post, Fernandez calmly hit, and the French team took control of their own destiny.

The final of 2000 European Championship: France's golden ball takes Italy

In this unexpected match, Italy scored in 55 minutes. Then the French began to fight hard, but the Italian team's reinforced concrete defense seems to be water tight, the French failed again and again. Just when the Italians thought the victory was in hand, Wiltord saved France in the last minute. France got a chance to be reborn and they didn't miss it. In the 103rd minute, substitute striker Trezeguet scored the winning goal with his first shot, which made Italy die suddenly, and France become the European champion inconceivably.

1970 World Cup semi-final: Italy beat West Germany with 3 extra time goals

With extraordinary skills, fierce fighting, never slacking fighting spirit and many goals, all the beauty of football can be seen in this game. Beckenbauer held the dislocated right arm with a bandage until extra time. The players on both sides were exhausted, but they both insisted. 1: The score of 1 was quickly rewritten and the score of both sides rose alternately. In the 94th minute, the West Germany scored the first goal. Four minutes later, the Italian team scored 2:2. Then the Italian team scored another goal and gained the leading position. The strong German drew 3:3 in the 110th minute. But one minute later, the Italian team won the long game with the goal of Rivera. In the end, the players on both sides didn't even have the strength to leave.

1966 World Cup final: England beat West Germany in overtime

In 1966, the controversial match started the decades old feud between England and Germany. In the final, the Englishman took a 2-1 lead in 78 minutes, but West Germany drew 2-2 with a free kick 20 seconds before the end of the match, and fortunately entered the overtime. In the first 600 seconds of the overtime match, the two sides had a dark day. When the match was 100 minutes, Hurst scored a very controversial goal. Although the party admitted that the goal was not scored today, the misjudgment of the referee at that time greatly reduced the morale of the West Germany team. In the end, England won 4-2, holding up the Rimet cup for the first and only time.

1982 World Cup semi-final: Iron and steel Germany beat France on penalties

This is one of the most classic games in the history of football. In 90 minutes, West Germany and France drew 1-1, and both sides entered the extra time game. Under the leadership of "iron triangle", the French team is better to start with seamless cooperation. Soon, they scored two goals in the 94th and 98th minutes. Behind the Germans are not discouraged. Rummenigge and Fischer drew 3-3 with two beautiful goals, which greatly damaged the French morale. In the penalty shoot out, both sides made mistakes after the first two rounds. At the critical moment, the romantic Frenchman lost at the foot of the steel like German, Schumacher saved Bossi's penalty, and khroubeis ruthlessly eliminated the French team, ending the breathtaking and dramatic scene. The Frenchman left the world cup tearfully.