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Run. Who's the director of season six? Run, director Yao Yitian is 88 year old fresh meat

Last night, the running bar officially ended, and the program also started the summer vacation mode. In addition to the frequent appearances of guests in the program, the director of the running bar often appears, and often announces some rules of the game in the program. Many people are very curious about the young voice?

Run. Who's the director?

Yao Yitian, born in 1988, is the assistant director of Zhejiang TV program center. He has successively participated in the production of such large-scale programs as "hero collection of Mai Ba", "China dream show", "Dad is back", "brother of running bar", "running bar", etc., and is the young director of large-scale programs of Zhejiang satellite TV.

Yao Yitian is the "elder" of "running bar". He has been working since the first episode of the first season. At that time, he was the leader of a director group in the team, and his most important job was to select and design famous brand tearing venues, among which "knowledge" was quite a lot: "there were not enough roads, complex enough, interesting enough to match with the current theme & hellip; & hellip; star action line, logo hiding place, location of the man in black, where the prison is, fans All the details should be considered, including the arrangement of star drinking water supply points.

It's fun. Like a game designer, Yao Yitian is very happy and relatively relaxed. In the second season, he was arranged to participate in other variety shows. In the third season, he returned to be the deputy general director and began to try to be responsible for the whole production process of the first period independently. In the fourth season, he officially became the general director.

Like many people, Yao Yitian also likes singing very much. He also likes reading and driving when he is free. Love singing he will specially about a few people to KTV singing, new songs will be repeated practice. "In the previous episode of Fang te's voice to mouth game recording in the flying song, before someone tried the microphone, everyone asked me to perform, they would like to hear my singing and then they can comment on me". Speaking of this paragraph, Yao Yitian's face is full of fun with his team's little friends.

In this season's program, Yao Yitian is often praised as the "net red" director by the audience because he often appears in the audience. He will give MC a xiamawei to make everyone jump in a hurry, and the audience will laugh at the next moment because of being tricked.