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What flowers are better in the bedroom? What plants does the bedroom raise Feng Shui to be good?

Flowers and plants have a very good decorative effect, but also can purify the air, so many people like to put some flowers in the bedroom, so from the perspective of geomancy, which flowers are better in the bedroom? Which flowers are suitable for the bedroom?

What are the flowers or plants that the bedroom is suitable for

Bedroom plant Fengshui 1: the bedroom pursues elegant, quiet and comfortable atmosphere, so the internal rotating plant is a very elegant choice, which helps to improve the quality of rest and sleep. Because bedroom area is limited, so, should give priority to with small and medium basin or condole basin plant.

Bedroom plant geomancy II: if the bedroom space is large, you can choose to put some large potted plants; otherwise, you can choose some hanging potted plants, and you can put some small potted plants on the dressing table, to create a natural small mood in the bedroom.

Bedroom plants Fengshui 3: hyacinth is the first choice of bedroom plants, they can send out sweet smell, can let people in the bedroom fall asleep in the natural fragrance. Clivia, goldenrod and bamboo are also good plants placed in the bedroom. They have a good sense of softness, which can make people relax and sleep better.

The bedroom plants Fengshui 4: the bedroom plants can be selected according to different people's zodiac. People born in winter like fire in cold winter, and many flowers belonging to fire can be selected, such as Clivia, camellia, Rhododendron, red rose, etc.; the zodiac belongs to chickens and monkeys like gold, and many flowers belonging to earth and gold can be selected, such as yellow rose, Michelia, gardenia, tuberose, etc.; people belonging to rats and pigs like water, but Plants belonging to gold and water should be planted, such as narcissus, white orchid, rubber tree, etc.; people belonging to rabbit and tiger should choose plants belonging to wood, such as autumn orchid, evergreen, etc.

Fortune tree: the first choice of bedroom plants for good dreams

Fortune tree is a kind of bonsai plant with the meaning of auspiciousness and treasure. Place it away from the bed, preferably diagonally. This tree can give the bedroom master more thinking about the wealth of people in the dream, can do a good dream and do good deeds.

Lack of marriage for a good dream of the first choice bedroom plant: peach blossom.

When the season can open red or pink plants not belong to the strong fragrance type, pink or red flowers are easy to stimulate the human body's good attitude and action to the opposite sex, and the location is suitable to see when lying in bed. If the bottle is watered, it is recommended not to put it in a place that is easy to overturn. In addition, the water should be changed frequently. Combined with water air circulation, it can be placed on the table facing the door.

People seeking wealth and peace seeking good dreams preferred plant: rich and precious bamboo

The representative meaning of rich and noble bamboos: flowers bloom, bamboos pay for peace, good fortune, rich and noble life, with better moral. Because it is watery, it is recommended to change water frequently at the air inlet of the bedroom to avoid direct sunlight. Before going to bed, if you think about it, you will feel at ease in your dream, and you and your family will have less anxious dream in business trip.

What kind of flowers or plants do you like in your bedroom

First of all, the best choice is Fuguizhu, which is not only good for the body, but also means good luck, good health and prosperity for the family. Moreover, Fuguizhu has a strong ornamental, so it is loved by people. Therefore, if you consider the selection of plants, you'd better choose Fuguizhu. Secondly, penglaisong is also a good choice. It is easy to feed and is also very suitable for viewing. It also has a very good moral, so it is also good to choose rich and noble bamboo. In addition, the seven leaf lotus and the red luck pawn have a very good meaning from the name, and the seven leaf lotus is extremely cold-resistant and easy to cultivate, so what kind of plant is good for the bedroom? The above plants are the best choice for us.

Generally speaking, don't put too many plants in a room, because plants will breathe and release carbon dioxide in the evening, which will have an impact on people's body, and the quality of sleep is naturally not good, so if you encounter this situation, you should put plants in the room during the day, and it's better to put them outside the bedroom at night. The above is about what plants are kept in the bedroom Introduction to Fengshui.

What kind of flowers are suitable for keeping in the bedroom

1. Air purifying plants are suitable for bedrooms

Such as Chlorophytum, daifanye, etc., have strong absorption capacity for the residual formaldehyde, chlorine, benzene compounds in the room. Aloe, chrysanthemum, etc. can reduce the benzene pollution in the room. Daisy, evergreen, etc. can effectively eliminate the pollution of trifluoroethylene. Rose, rose, etc. can absorb harmful gases such as hydrogen sulfide, benzene, phenol, ether, etc., so these are very suitable for the bedroom, can purify the ring Ambient air quality is good for the health of residents.

2. Plants that kill germs are suitable for use in bedrooms

Some bactericidal plants can be placed in the bedroom, not only beautiful but also improve the bedroom environment, such as rose, osmanthus, violet, jasmine, lemon, rose, carnation, lily of the valley, crape myrtle and other fragrant flowers produce volatile oil with significant bactericidal effect.

3. Plants that absorb carbon dioxide at night are suitable for use in bedrooms

Aloe, Jingtian, etc. can not only absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night, but also increase the concentration of negative ions in the indoor air, which is of great benefit to the living health.

4. Aromatic plants are suitable for bedrooms

The fragrance of plants has antibacterial ingredients, which can remove bacteria and viruses in the air. It has health care functions, such as cactus, bamboo, ivy, Begonia. The smell of plants can kill bacteria and inhibit bacteria. At the same time, the fragrance of plants can also regulate human nervous system, such as clove and jasmine, which can relax people and facilitate sleep