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Why can't domestic cats use mosquito repellent incense? Does mosquito repellent incense poison cats?

for many cat owners, do not use mosquito repellent incense, or the pet cat will be killed easily. See a high school classmate in the circle of friends said that because of the mosquito repellent incense in the room, resulting in the cat's mental malaise, loss of appetite, drooling... For the cat owners, we must be careful not to kill a life because of their unintentional loss.

She ruled out other poisonings. Is it really 'poisoning cats with mosquito repellent incense'?


The main component of most mosquito control products on the market is pyrethroid, which is a kind of pesticide that can effectively kill mosquitoes and flies. It is also a pesticide recommended by the World Health Organization to be used to control health pests and their vectors.

We all know that "mosquito repellent incense is poisonous". However, as a mosquito repellent incense that has obtained the production license number and the product standard number and is sold to the market, in theory, as long as the dosage is controlled according to the product manual, the personal safety should be guaranteed.

In addition, the human liver has the ability to metabolize these compounds into non-toxic or low toxic substances and expel them from the body.

But mosquito repellent incense is a poison for cats, because

Cats don't have the ability to metabolize pyrethroids.

Cats don't have the ability to metabolize pyrethroids.

Cats don't have the ability to metabolize pyrethroids.

The activity of UGT enzyme in cats is very low, and UGT enzyme is just an important detoxification enzyme in liver and kidney, which is responsible for the inactivation of various compounds and excretion. So cats are very sensitive to toxic compounds.

When a cat inhales pyrethroid, it is easy to deposit on the liver and cannot metabolize. If it inhales too much pyrethroid, it will cause protein degeneration, brain nervous system damage, organ failure and even death in the cat.

According to the degree of poisoning, cats can show as follows:

1. Drowsiness and drooling

2. Walk askew and lose balance

3. Hyperactivity, convulsion in later period

4. vomiting

5. Loss of appetite

Then why did my family order mosquito repellent incense for so long, and the cat had nothing to do with it?

AI Maojun believes that, first, the content of pyrethroid in mosquito repellent incense is relatively low, second, it is used in a relatively ventilated environment, and it is not used all the year round, so even if the cat inhales a small amount, it is difficult to show toxic symptoms for a while.

But in the long run, these pyrethroids will still deposit in the cat's liver, causing obstacles to the cat's liver function

The longer the cat grows, the greater the risk of liver disease will increase. Especially now the domestic cats are well fed. Originally, fat will easily lead to fatty liver, jaundice and other hepatobiliary diseases. If the liver is damaged again and dysfunction occurs, the life, health and safety of the cat will be more threatened and the life of the cat will be shortened.

In general, for the sake of cat's health, please try to avoid using the products containing pyrethroids.