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What is mengmeiqi's travel frog? Meng Meiqi's low-key Buddhism is like a traveling frog

Recently, creating 101 little sister 'travelling frog Meng Meiqi' caused a hot search on Weibo. Speaking of this hot search also comes from her micro blog. According to Weibo, the little sister who goes out for 'travel' not only gives gifts to everyone, but also takes photos of love, and brings her own location. It's really a travel frog. It's rare to meet such a low-key girl.

What is Meng Meiqi, the traveling frog

Cause: Meng Meiqi posted a micro blog on the micro blog, which not only took photos, but also sent landscape maps (a sky map of & (10084)), and also brought their own positioning, and brought their own positioning!!! I have to say it's really a traveling frog~

Life is a journey, focusing on the scenery along the way and the people we meet. Brother Shanzhi sometimes travels, sometimes goes home and appears in everyone's field of vision. Today, Po has a sky map with one & ා10084;. The cute mothers are sure that brother Shanzhi of traveling frog version is beyond doubt

Explain this stem to you

It's like this. We think Qiqi is a bit like the traveling frog. The frog in the Japanese app a few months ago was very Buddhist

Qi Qi's hobby is to squat at home and paint. He doesn't do much to tweet, just like a frog who has to go far to tweet. He sends it to Meng Mu and Meng Fu like a postcard

Microblog and other plmm members are like frogs and other little butterflies and snails

Yesterday's Qi Qi sent a photo to his mother. I'm very happy