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How often do you spray sunscreen in summer? Can Sunscreen Spray directly spray the face?

Sun protection is very important in hot summer. Many people do not know how long it takes to spray the spray. It is necessary to do a good job of sunscreen work in summer so as to ensure that your skin does not get sunburn easily. Do you like to use sunscreen spray?

How often do they spray?

2 hours for outdoor use, sunscreen spray.

If we are staying outside all the time, we'd better apply 2 times a sunscreen spray. Because sunscreen agents in sunscreen spray are mostly chemical sunscreens. After absorbing ultraviolet rays, they will gradually lose their sunscreen effect. So if you are outdoors for a long time, please make up painting once every 2 hours.

Outdoor and sweating for 1 hours.

If it is always outdoors and then sweating, we recommend the best one hour Sunscreen Spray. Because Sunscreen Spray will be diluted by your sweat, thereby reducing or even losing its proper sunscreen effect.

Immediately after landing, apply sunscreen spray.

Sunscreen Spray usually shows its water release time, usually 60-80 minutes. However, if it is launched, no matter how much water time the Sunscreen Spray advertises, it should be applied immediately.

Water in accordance with the waterproofing time of sunscreen spray.

If it is always in the water environment, we recommend that according to the Sunscreen Spray on the promotion of sunscreen time to make up. For example, the waterproofing time of Sun Spray is 60 minutes. Then we should apply a sunscreen spray every 60 minutes in the water.

Indoor window 2 hours, apply a sunscreen spray.

Do not think that you can not apply sunscreen spray indoors. If you are sitting next to the window, you are almost outdoors. Even if there are windows, ultraviolet rays can penetrate the glass and bask in your skin. So if it is in the indoor window environment, it is recommended to apply sunscreen every 2 hours.

Do not use windows indoors at noon or at work to apply a sunscreen spray.

If it is indoors without windows and without direct sunlight, we recommend a sunscreen spray at noon. If you really want to be lazy, you need to apply a sunscreen spray at least before going off duty. Don't think that sunscreen spray will fail only when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Over time, our Sunscreen Spray will also reduce its sunscreen effect, as well as our facial secretions of oils and sweat, and some of our face washing habits.

When does Sunscreen Spray come in?

Sunscreen Spray should be used 15 to 30 minutes before going out in the morning. Use sunscreen spray as the last step in skin care. After cleansing in the morning, use toner to refresh the skin, then moisturize with the lotion, and then use the sunscreen spray. After spraying, wait for about 15 minutes, and then go out after sunscreen film is formed.

Can sun spray spray your face?

Sunscreen spray can spray face, but not all Sunscreen Spray is suitable for direct spraying on the face. This is because there are several different types of Sunscreen Spray, and the key to Sunscreen Spray is the sun spray spray nozzle. When the sunscreen spray is fine and uniform, it can be directly sprayed on the face, while the liquid ejected from the spray is a large particle of water. It is necessary to spray the Sunscreen Spray on the hands, smear the sunscreen lotion with both hands, and then apply it to the face.