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What's the date of harvest festival in China? Is high-speed free for Chinese farmers during harvest

China is a big agricultural country, but for thousands of years, Chinese farmers have not their own exclusive festivals. Recently, the State Council agreed to set the annual Lunar autumnal equinox as "harvest for Chinese farmers" from 2018. So many people are concerned about the Chinese farmers' harvest festival holiday? Will the expressway be free?

Before we know about this festival, let's see how important it is for Chinese farmers!

--There are about 600 million people in China's rural areas, and the basic position of agriculture in the national economy has not changed.

--Chinese farmers use less than 1 / 10 of the world's arable land to produce 1 / 4 of the world's food and feed nearly 1 / 5 of the world's population, which is a major contribution to world food security.

--Since 2013, China's grain output has reached the level of 12000 billion jin, which has been stable for five consecutive years. In 2017, the total grain output reached 1235.8 billion jin.

--In 2017, the per capita income of farmers exceeded 13000 yuan, and the urban-rural income ratio decreased from 3.1:1 in 2012 to 2.7:1 in 2017. In five years, farmers' income increased by about 50%.


Han Changfu, Minister of agriculture and rural affairs, gave an explanation at the press conference of the State Council's new office on the 21st.

It is conducive to further highlight the important position of the "three rural" work.

It is conducive to promoting the sense of honor, happiness and gain of hundreds of millions of farmers.

It is conducive to the inheritance and promotion of Chinese agricultural civilization and excellent cultural traditions.

Some netizens wonder why the autumn equinox is set as "Chinese farmers harvest festival"?

In this regard, Han Changfu also gives an explanation:

In terms of solar terms, spring planting and autumn harvest are the most fruitful seasons. In addition, as one of the 24 solar terms, autumn equinox is an important season for autumn harvest, autumn farming and autumn planting. It is also a good time for rice fragrance, crab fat, chrysanthemum yellow and autumn scenery.

From a regional perspective, China has a vast territory and rich products, and the harvest seasons vary from place to place, but most of them are in autumn, and autumn harvest crops are big. Therefore, considering both the north and the south, we set the autumnal equinox as the "Chinese farmers' harvest festival", which is convenient for the participation of urban and rural people and farmers, and also conducive to the display of agricultural harvest achievements, including scientific and technological achievements and the creation of farmers, with distinct agricultural characteristics.

From the perspective of folk customs, there are more than ten ethnic minorities in China that celebrate the traditional harvest festival, the she harvest festival, the Tibetan wangguo Festival, and the Yi Torch Festival, mostly in the second half of the year. At the national level, the establishment of a festival for all ethnic groups to participate in and celebrate the harvest is conducive to promoting the harmony, unity and development of the Chinese nation.

What are the celebrations for the harvest festival of Chinese farmers?

According to Han Changfu, each place has its own agricultural characteristics, both in the mode of agricultural production and in the category of agricultural products. Therefore, there will not be a lot of unified regulations nationwide, mainly for the creation of various localities and farmers.

In the future, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas will take the lead to form a steering committee for the organization of China's farmers' harvest festival to carry out top-level design and give full play to local creativity.

Do Chinese farmers have a good harvest holiday?

Han Changfu, Minister of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, said at the press conference on relevant information of the "China farmers' harvest festival" that the "China farmers' harvest festival" is a national festival participated by farmers. Therefore, this festival must be very grand and rich, and there will be some activities at the national level, but more at the local level, to give full play to local creativity. Each place has its own agricultural characteristics, no matter the mode of agricultural production or the category of agricultural products, it has its own characteristics. Therefore, there will not be a lot of unified regulations nationwide, mainly for the creation of various localities and farmers.

Add: so there is no holiday.