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Can high speed rail bring perfume? Does perfume belong to train contraband?

For many girls who love beauty, do they sometimes take a bottle of perfume when they go out? They smell sweet at any time and place, so perfume is a high speed railway contraband.

A train is not an airplane but a nail polish. Nail polish is inflammable.

Regulations are a threat to the personal safety of passengers, there are serious safety hazards, such as sharp weapons, blunt and so on can not be carried, this perfume is OK.

On January 10, 2016, the new regulations also listed sharp and blunt weapons that endanger the personal safety of passengers and have major potential safety hazards as prohibited items, such as kitchen knives, dinner knives, butcher knives and axes that may endanger the personal safety of passengers in addition to controlled knives; sharp and blunt weapons; other tools such as nail guns, defense devices, bows and crossbows, and guns such as simulation guns and props guns are not allowed to be carried into the station Vehicle.

In addition, in the new regulation, lighters can be reduced from 5 to 2. The safety matches are reduced from 20 small boxes to 2 small boxes. Mousse, hair spray, insecticide, air freshener and other pressure vessels are compressed from 600 ml to 120 milliliters, and nail polish, light remover and hair dye are still 20 milliliters.

The new regulation also adds prohibited articles that may endanger the safety or public health of train operation, including strong magnetization substances that may interfere with train signals, substances with strong irritant odor, and substances with odor, such as stinky tofu, durian, etc.

In addition, there are poultry, pets and other 'living things', except for guide dogs.