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Is zhongzongyue and yunkeng brothers? Unveiling the mystery of Zongyue's life experience

The TV play "supporting the wind", starring Yang Mi and Ruan Jingtian, is on the air. In addition to the dog food that the male and female owners scatter from time to time, the handsome male partners in the play are also one of the highlights of the play, especially their hidden real identities. In addition to being a doctor, Zongyue is also carrying a deep blood feud. In the latest plot, Zongyue and Yunchen recognize each other, but they are brothers. What's the matter? Come and have a look.

When Zongyue (Lai Yizhu) went home to worship his parents, Wuji (Ruan Jingtian) gave Zongyue a big gift, the eight characters of Yunwen's birthday. From Zongyue's reaction at that time, we can see that the real identity of Yunwen is related to Zongyue, and from the age of the two people, we have speculated that Yunwen might be Zongyue's brother. And in the latest broadcast of the notice, everyone's guess has finally been confirmed, Zong Yue and cloud trace recognize each other.

When Fuyao (Yang idempotent) tried to escape from the fire, he was found by the bodyguard. At the critical moment, Zongyue (Lai Yixiu) appeared to rescue Fuyao, but he was shot by the Duke of the state. After the injury, Zongyue, in order not to arouse the suspicion of the Duke of the state, sent Fuyao away and returned to the Duke of the state. Zong Yue was dressing himself up. Just as the Duke of the state was injured, he sent someone to ask Zong Yue to go for treatment. Zong Yue changed his clothes and went there. During the treatment, he did not show his horse's feet.

The prescription for the Duke of the state needs to be prepared by Zong Yue (Lai Yizhu). The Duke of the state believes that Zong Yue will send Yun Chen (Liang Yimu Zhu) to supervise. The more he cut herbs for Zong, the more he looked at the scar on the back of Yunwen's hand, the more he could not help recalling the picture of his brother's cut when he was a child. The knife for cutting herbs was very sharp. Zong was afraid of cloud scar being hurt again. He took the herbs and cut them himself. As a result of exertion, Zong Yue's shoulder wound was bleeding, straight down his arm and onto the back of his hand, which was just seen by the cloud mark.

Zongyue (Lai Yizhu) pretends that he accidentally cut the herbs, but Yunwen (Liang Yimu) immediately doubts Zongyue. In the evening, when Zongyue bandaged the wound, Yunwen came to Zongyue's room again, ready to tear Zongyue down and take him down. Zong Yue knew that he was doubted by Yunxian. He told the truth in a hurry, and showed his stab on his shoulder to show Yunxian.

Yunchen (Liang Yimu) doesn't believe it, but Zongyue (Lai Yizhu) says he has been a thief for a long time, forgetting everything in his blood, and tells Yunchen that he can go to the south of the city to find Mr. Qiu who sells sugar. Cloud trace came out of Zongyue's room as if it were dead grey, and it could not be calm for a long time.

Seeing this, the netizens all loved the Duke of the state. From the beginning to the present, the Duke of the state has been played by his eldest grandson. Now even the most trusted son is an enemy. It's really pathetic. Ha ha ha ha, do you think the Duke of the state is pitiful?