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What are the requirements for didi takeout riders?

Now didi delivery is very popular. Many young guys are going to join their family, so how can didi delivery riders register successfully? Let's learn about the registration process of didi delivery riders.

Didi delivery rider registration process

Download and install didi distribution app, open the software, because we don't have an account or password, we need to complete didi delivery rider registration before we can get the password.

Click "become didi rider" at the bottom of the homepage, and the system will jump to didi rider registration page. You can simply read the text description, and then click the "join now" button below to start didi delivery rider registration.

At the beginning, the system requires you to select the city you want to serve, which can also be understood as the city you want to work or live in. You can fill in this according to your actual situation, and pay attention not to choose the wrong city.

After completing the previous operation, click next below to enter the real name authentication interface. There are three parts of authentication, one is to input the name and ID card number for verification, the other is to upload the front and back photos of the ID card, and the other is to upload the front photos of the health card. According to the information prompt, you can operate step by step.

Finally, write down the name of your emergency contact phone. Click Next and you will be prompted to register.

Note: didi dianbei is an app for consumers, Didi distribution is an app for delivery riders, and delivery order must be received on didi distribution app.

What are the requirements of didi rider recruitment

Application conditions are 18 to 55 years old, with health certificate and no tattoo.

Didi delivery riders are divided into loyal riders and free riders:

Among them, loyal riders are required to be online for more than 48 hours a week, with a monthly minimum of 10000 yuan;

Free riders are free to go online and receive orders at any time, doubling order revenue.

At present, Didi rider recruitment consultation Tel.: 400000088