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Functions and functions of drinking Dendrobium water do you know the taboos of drinking Dendrobium w

When it comes to Dendrobium, most people probably don't know it very well. In fact, it's a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, and it's also a health care food that many old people prefer. What's the effect of drinking Dendrobium in water? Do you know the taboos of drinking Dendrobium in water?

What are the effects of drinking Dendrobium?

1. Strengthen the body's immunity: the polysaccharide content in Dendrobium is very high, so once it reaches the body, it can effectively improve the body's resistance. Related experiments show that Dendrobium has the function of promoting stress, and can effectively improve fatigue and hypoxia.

2、 Invigorating the spleen and stomach: Dendrobium is a kind of stomach nourishing product, which was used as gastrointestinal medicine in ancient times. The latest medical research found that Dendrobium has a certain inhibitory effect on Helicobacter pylori, which is a pathogenic factor of spleen and stomach diseases. Therefore, drinking Dendrobium water can treat many kinds of spleen and stomach diseases.

3. Protecting liver and gall: after drinking the Dendrobium water, it has a good effect of nourishing liver yin. Therefore, it is also a kind of Chinese herbal medicine for treating liver and gall diseases. If you have cholecystitis, gallstones and other hepatobiliary diseases, you may as well try to drink it with Dendrobium water, long-term adherence will have unexpected effect.

4. Resistance to rheumatism: when people are in a dark and humid environment for a long time, it is easy to get rheumatic diseases, and at the same time, the functions of the body will slowly start to deteriorate. The long-term use of Dendrobium water can achieve the effect of strengthening muscles and bones, and also has a certain therapeutic effect on rheumatism.

Taboo to drink Dendrobium in water

Dendrobium is a common traditional Chinese medicine, which has been used for more than 2000 years in China. In general, taking Dendrobium can enhance the body's immunity, at the same time, it is very good for lowering blood pressure and blood lipid. However, there are two sides to everything, so when drinking Dendrobium, you must pay special attention to avoid adverse effects on the body. Specific side effects are as follows:

Dendrobium has many benefits for the body, and its efficacy is also quite strange. Therefore, it is not abundant in the market, also known as Senecio. In addition, taking Dendrobium has certain side effects, but the harm to the body is not obvious, and the toxicity is relatively low.

When taking Dendrobium or drinking it in water, please pay attention to the dosage. If you take too much Dendrobium, you will easily get poisoning, such as convulsion.

In addition, Dendrobium has the function of gathering evil spirits, which makes it impossible for evil spirits to spread outside the body. Therefore, if the body suffers from warm and hot diseases, it must not be taken too much, otherwise it is not conducive to the recovery of health.

Dendrobium also has a certain effect of moisture, so if it belongs to the people with wet and warm constitution, it is better not to drink Dendrobium in water.

The following foods should be avoided after taking Dendrobium

1. Some Chinese herbal medicines with purgative effect cannot be eaten after taking Dendrobium. There are many common Chinese herbal medicines with purgative effect, such as Croton, rhubarb, hemp seed and mirabilite;

2. Don't touch radish, though there is no direct conflict between Dendrobium and radish. However, radish is the main role of ventilation, this effect will be very good to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote defecation. This will greatly shorten the time of Dendrobium in the human intestinal tract, so that the efficacy can not be completely absorbed by the small intestine, affecting the recovery of the body;