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A review of the details of Huang Shufen's incident in Tangshan

The latest progress has been made in the event of "textbook style cheating" in Tangshan, which has attracted attention. On the spot, the court sentenced Huang Shufen to eight months in prison for traffic accident, which ended the case of the textbook Laolai. For the dead old man, it's a blessing in heaven.

On the morning of June 27, the case of Huang Shufen suspected of traffic accident was heard in the people's Court of Fengrun District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province. The court pronounced a sentence in court. Huang Shufen was sentenced to eight months' imprisonment for the crime of traffic accident. Huang Shufen said in court that he would appeal.

Interface news previously reported that in October 2015, Zhao Xiangbin, the father of Zhao Yong, a man from Tangshan, was involved in a car accident and became a vegetable after several operations. Huang Shufen, the driver of the accident, had neither taken the initiative to bear the medical expenses nor made a sincere apology for the accident for two years. Until the court's judgment was issued, Huang Shufen still refused to pay more than 850000 yuan for all the losses caused by the traffic accident through various' Laolai 'behaviors.

In a video posted on Zhao Yong's microblog, Huang Shufen once told him that he would rather go to jail and 'go to jail without paying back'. Since then, Huang Shufen has been known as a "textbook type cheat", which has aroused widespread concern.

On December 1, 2017, Zhao Yong published a microblog saying that his father died of invalid rescue. Later, Zhao Yong informed the traffic police and the court of the situation. In order to pursue the responsibility to the end, Zhao Yong, after consulting with his family, agreed to the forensic autopsy of his father. According to the forensic case appraisal report issued by the physical evidence Appraisal Office of Tangshan Public Security Bureau, Zhao Xiangbin, the deceased, died of multiple organ failure after a long-term vegetative survival state due to traffic injury. According to the medical records of the hospital after the injury, the location and characteristics of the original injury of the deceased were consistent with the characteristics of traffic injury, and the process of occurrence, development and death and traffic accidents included Direct causality. In view of the autopsy results, Zhao Yong decided to investigate Huang Shufen's criminal responsibility.

During the period of detention for the crime of traffic accident, Huang Shufen once submitted an objection to the above-mentioned autopsy report and asked the forensic medicine of Tangshan procuratorate to identify again. In January 2018, Zhao Yong received the forensic identification report on the second autopsy of his father Zhao Xiangbin, saying that 'the autopsy identification conclusion is consistent with the first'. At the same time, the court also transferred the evidence materials of Huang Shufen suspected of refusing to execute the judgment and ruling to Fengrun District Public Security Bureau of Tangshan City, but no case has been filed yet.

According to a civil ruling issued by Zhao Yong, the court of Tangshan intermediate people's court rejected Liu Mingyue (Huang Shufen's daughter) to file a lawsuit on behalf of Huang Shufen against the previous civil judgment and applied for retrial (Ji 0208 early Republic 943, 2017).

According to the ruling, Huang Shufen is liable for 70% of Zhao Xiangbin's nursing expenses in the next 17 years according to the appraisal opinion, the victim's age, health condition and other factors in the original judgment, which is a reasonable determination of the compensation due to the damage of Zhao Xiangbin's rights and interests, in line with the law. The consequence of Zhao Xiangbin's death after the original judgment came into force is a new fact, not a new evidence, so the cause is not in line with the situation that the first paragraph of article 200 of the civil procedure law should be retried. '

According to Zhao Yong, on March 30 this year, the executive department of the court executed Huang Shufen's compensation of 63442.95 yuan, but at present, the compensation of 766492.42 yuan is still in arrears, and the executive part is obtained from the Commission of Huang Shufen's unit by the court.

Zhao Yong has said he refuses to sign any letter of understanding. In his opinion, this part of compensation should have been performed by Huang Shufen long ago. Now, facing the disaster of prison, he thought of obtaining understanding through compensation, which he could not accept. 'I hope she can consciously fulfill all her legal obligations. '