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The effect and function of vinegar bubble black beans what vinegar is better for vinegar bubble blac

Vinegar pickled black beans is a kind of health preservation method that many people know. Black beans are nutritious, rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. They have the functions of promoting blood circulation, benefiting water, dispelling wind and detoxifying. They are loved by many old people. So you know what vinegar is better for black beans?

Efficacy and function of black bean vinegar

Vinegar pickled black beans is a kind of health preserving method. Black beans are traditional health preserving food. There is a folk saying that "if you want to live a long life, eat black beans often". It has become the three treasures of health preserving together with qiongzhen Ganoderma lucidum and Dendrobium candidum.

Vinegar pickled black bean is the golden prescription of traditional Chinese medicine for kidney deficiency. Vinegar pickled black bean has the functions of beauty, weight loss, kidney toning, eyesight and black hair. It can effectively improve constipation, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, lumbago and leg pain, diabetes, prostate disease, white hair, coronary heart disease, vision decline, eye pain, dryness, dizziness and headache caused by watching computer and TV for a long time. At the same time, vinegar soaked black beans can improve myopia and other eye diseases.

What vinegar is the best for brewing black beans

Vinegar should be health vinegar brewed from pure grain (according to different production methods, vinegar can be divided into brewing vinegar and compounding vinegar. Vinegar is made up of edible glacial vinegar, water, sour agent, seasoning, flavoring and edible pigment. It has only certain seasoning function. The brewing vinegar is made from grains and fermented by microorganisms. Its nutritional value and mellow taste are far more than that of the prepared vinegar. It has many functions such as seasoning, health care, medicine and medical treatment.

White vinegar or black vinegar for brewing black beans:

Rice vinegar is the best choice for vinegar soaked black beans. White vinegar basically contains no other nutrients except acetic acid. Rice vinegar is fermented and processed from grains, which contains a variety of nutrients, which is beneficial to the body. If it is rice vinegar, both white and black can be used.

Method of vinegar soaking black beans: the method of vinegar soaking black beans is very simple; first prepare a pan and put the black beans. But do not put oil, fry for about 5 minutes with medium heat. When the black bean peel bursts out, change to low heat, and fry for another 5 minutes. Do not fry and paste. Cool the fried black bean for 15 minutes, and then put it into a clean container with a lid. Then add vinegar and soak for about two hours. After the vinegar is absorbed by black beans, it can be eaten.