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Zhang Xinyao's personal voice trembling, Zhang Xinyao's fire behind

Everyone is curious and trembling. Why is Zhang Xinyao so angry? All kinds of talents on the shaking voice are coming back in large numbers. They are real fans of shaking at the bone level. Do you like Zhang Xinyao? Zhang Xinyao's personal information is published.

1. Single eyelid, eyes are not big, eyebrows are not heavy, it is better to smile, facial features are friendly. Girls like boys, there are two kinds of differences, one is Wu Yifan, Lu Han, like the high value of the face, high in the facial features tend to be beautiful. One is similar to Zhang Xinyao, Du Minjun and Wu Quanxi. They have good single eyelids and good skin. Their facial features are definitely not high marks, but their temperament is outstanding. There is one thing that can move people's hearts. Many people like Zhang Xinyao's friendly and flirtatious smile, which is the standard of boyfriend. Du Minjun's performance in the play, the creation of warm boyfriend department, is regarded as the benchmark of boyfriend. Wu Quanxi, probably many people do not know, also has his voice on the tremble, has been in the program "very perfect", also has the affinity, warm, the temperament is outstanding and so on.

2. Psychological fit. Wu Yifan is very handsome, but he can't be your boyfriend, Zhou Runfa is also very handsome, but he can't be your husband as well. AI, is Zhang Xinyao OK? Zhang Xinyao is in line with the girl's vision of her boyfriend, and she won't be too tall to touch. What's the most important thing about the rise of anchors? Intimacy and interaction. Like Zhang Xinyao, the anchorman, in addition to passing the beauty test, is the most important thing for fans to have a sense of closeness, which can be touched psychologically. The interaction is to strengthen the sense of intimacy and psychological connection. The curtain and gifts painted in the live broadcast room will be seen by the host and interact with you. Although Zhang Xinyao, who left your message, will not see or return, it will not prevent you from paying attention to him unilaterally. If you like him, what you can't get is the best.

3. Exponential explosion. Zhang Xinyao's hottest video "do you want to be my girlfriend"? All aspects of interpretation are in place, basically the peak of the heat of shaking. Then there are many girls, as the basic material, sent a lot of response videos, 'yes. "With the comments of others, the girls began to be crazy about him like Shi Yuezhi. Not only that, many of the re recorded videos are also touched with his elements, and @ him, which are linked to each other, and his enthusiasm and attention are just like the exponential explosion. So that some people commented that Zhang Xinyao had contracted the whole jitter, so he was disgusted with his fans and turned black.

Zhang Xinyao's personal information

Zhang Xinyao, id:zxy19941019,

God, it's the little brother of 1994?

No matter the age, handsome, people set Su are little brother!

At present, he already has 2 million 810 thousand fans, has harvested 12 million 600 thousand points praise, likes friends to be able to pay attention to a wave, but really speaking, his short video is really interesting.

Have you seen the short video "do you want to be my girlfriend" on the Internet recently? Some users ask Xiaobian who is the little brother of this video. After watching it, Xiaobian is also Su De who just wants to say good, I do it, I do it. So this little brother is Zhang Xinyao!

How to catch up with Zhang Xinyao

A direct school sister. When I was in school, I was a god of men. There were many girls from other departments coming to our department's party for him. Basically, his dance was the climax of the party. After he graduated, the party visibility of our department decreased greatly. I've seen his ex girlfriend. She's very beautiful. She's very beautiful. So I guess if she's not very beautiful, she can't catch up.

He is so handsome and flirtatious. He has a high value of charm. He must be a person with a story. It doesn't matter that what we see is their surface, but we have the intention to dig the bottom, but we really can't understand this person. This is also the disadvantage of being a public figure. It's very happy and good to watch the video. I think he's the kind of person who has to get along with him day and night, and then he has the same or even better conditions to hold him back. Haha, I think it's hard for fans to chase him