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Is Turkey noodles mixed or boiled? How to eat turkey noodles?

Turkey noodle, which is a very spicy instant noodle, was first raised in South Korea. But many little friends don't know the way to eat turkey noodles very well, so is Turkey noodles mixed or boiled?

Is Turkey noodles mixed or boiled

According to the instructions on the bag, boil in 600ml boiling water for 5 minutes. Then filter out most of the water (about 8 tablespoons) and add the seasoning to mix. The noodles of Turkey noodles are thick and not cooked well. But it seems that there is also canned noodles, which can be soaked in bars. In fact, it's just like eating dry noodles.

1. According to their own quantity and number of people, one bag for one person is enough

2. After opening the bag, there is one noodles and two ingredients. The red ones are spicy bags, and the black ones are seaweed and sesame. Do not put the ingredients in the pot, because they are noodles

3. Cook for 3 to 5 minutes and then put it into a bowl. Put the red bag first, then the black one. Mix well and then you can eat it.

Warm tip: I like spicy food very much, and I can also eat spicy food, but this is very spicy. It is recommended to prepare water or fruit in advance to prepare for spicy food;

Cooking skill: it's cooked just like the usual mixed noodles. Just scoop it out and put in the material bag. But if you like spicy food, you must taste it once. You will love the taste. It's very delicious!

Can I have turkey noodles in water

This is noodles with dressing. You'd better eat it with dressing. It's more smooth and delicious. It's boiled directly. Pour out the boiled water and put the material bag to eat with it. It's super spicy. But it's not spicy after eating at a time. I'm still a little sweet after eating.