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What about the prediction of the cat in the Forbidden City? The cat predicts the world cup

Recently, the @ Palace Museum Palace miaowaidianer and longlegged children competed to guess the world cup fire. Although the first few games were a little out of order, the last six games were in full swing. Was the cat quite magical? Come and have a look.

In Argentina vs. Croatia, baidianer firmly chooses the latter, perfectly guessing the cold side! In Uruguay vs. Russia, baidianer is not afraid of the fierce fighting capacity of the host and firmly supports Uruguay! Do you like them?

After Paul the octopus of the world cup in South Africa, a 'meow operator' in the Forbidden City recently caught fire. The yellow orange cat guessed the winner of the game with great accuracy in many predictions. It is said that in the last World Cup, the yumew correctly guessed 14 of the 16 predicted matches. This time Russia world cup, it also gave many forecasts, and the hit rate is still amazing.

In the opening battle, yumeo operator first chose the cat food plate with Russian flag and ate up the food in the plate. However, in the face of Portugal and Spain's draw, the orange cat's prediction is a little weak. After swinging between Portugal and Spain, it finally chose Spain. Mexico beat Germany 1-0, and its prediction of Germany and Mexico ended in failure.

But then Theo guessed Tunisia and England, Portugal and Morocco, Brazil and Switzerland, even Argentina and Croatia. Germany's close win over Sweden, England's big win over Panama and Uruguay's win over Russia last night were also guessed by the magic orange meow.