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How is darling bitten skin inflamed by mosquito to do? How does summer prevent darling to be bitten

In summer, how to deal with redness and swelling of the baby when bitten by mosquitoes? Although it's not a big deal for the baby when bitten by mosquitoes, the baby's skin is tender, so once bitten by mosquitoes, it will redness and swelling a large area, which is very painful, so how to deal with redness and swelling of the baby's skin when bitten by mosquitoes?

In order to prevent the occurrence of children's infectious diseases, it is particularly important to do a good job in mosquito prevention work and measures. In addition to doing a good job in environmental sanitation, mosquito control, pay attention to personal hygiene and cleaning, take a bath frequently, change clothes, keep skin clean, avoid and reduce the smell of sweat to attract mosquitoes. In summer and autumn, it is a good method to apply mosquito repellent to the exposed parts of children's body, such as limbs and trunk.

After being bitten, the baby who is allergic to mosquito should be applied with external medicine such as Wuji cream and Yuzhuo in time. It has the effect of anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and analgesic, which is very good for treating mosquito bites. The ingredients it contains have very little side effects on the baby.

It should be noted that although it has small side effects, it is also a medicine after all. On the second day after being bitten, it is better not to use it any more, instead, use water or essence of wind and grease. In case of drug resistance.

It should be noted that after mosquito bites, there will be redness and swelling caused by scratching. Hormone drugs such as piyanping and alosone are not suitable for use. Once used, they will bring pigment deposition to the wound, and may cause skin atrophy, secondary infection and other symptoms. Once again, baby mothers must be careful.

10 ways to remove the itch after mosquito bite in summer

1. Apply soap to stop itching. When a mosquito bites, it secretes an organic acid, formic acid, in its mouthparts, which can cause muscle itching. Soap contains sodium salt of high-grade fatty acid, which is alkaline after hydrolysis and can quickly eliminate itching.

2. Wipe with edible alkali face water a little, also can stop itching very quickly.

3. Detergent to itch. Wash the bitten part with clear water, do not dry it, and then dip a little washing powder into the bitten part with a wet finger, it can immediately stop itching and the redness and swelling will soon disappear. After the redness and swelling disappear, wash off the washing powder with clear water.

4. Fresh purslane stems and leaves a little, knead in the hand after the water, rub the affected area, has the effect of antipruritic and detumescence.

5. Use sliced garlic to rub repeatedly for one minute at the place bitten by mosquitoes, which has obvious analgesic, antipruritic and anti-inflammatory effects. Even if the bitten place has become a big bag or an inflamed ulcer, you can rub it with garlic. Generally, after 12 hours, you can eliminate inflammation and swelling, and the festering wound can be cured 24 hours later. Skin allergy should be used with caution.

6. Chloramphenicol eye drops stop itching. After being bitten by mosquitoes, 1 to 2 drops of chloramphenicol eye drops can be applied immediately to relieve pain and itch. Because chloramphenicol eye drops have the anti-inflammatory effect, those who have been scratched and slightly infected with inflammation after mosquito bites can also be treated with chloramphenicol eye drops.

7. 20G white pepper, mash and soak in 100g 60 degree white wine, seal the container and expose it to the sun for 3-7 days, then rub on the mosquito bites, 1-2 times a day, which can relieve pain, relieve itching and reduce swelling.

8. Take 10-60 pills of Liushen Pill, mix them with rice vinegar or warm boiled water to make a paste, and apply them to the mosquito bites 3-5 times a day.

9. One tablet of chlorpheniramine was used to dip in saliva and rub the bite repeatedly. The effect of antipruritic was good.

10. Realgar 10 g, garlic (single garlic or purple garlic) 10 peeled, soaked in 60 degree pure white wine 200 g, stay for about 10 days, you can rub mosquito bites, 1-2 times a day, can detoxify, analgesic, antipruritic, swelling.

Note that some of the above methods are not suitable for infants who are too young.

Experience in mosquito prevention

1. The special smell of the bath solution added with vitamin B1 and vitamin B1 can keep mosquitoes away from each other and achieve the effect of mosquito repellent and prevention. 3-5 tablets of vitamin B1 are dissolved in water, and exposed limbs are wiped with a sanitary cotton ball dipped in the solution, which can eliminate mosquito bites within two days.

2. Move a nocturnal 'nocturnal' flower to absorb enough heat in the summer sun, and it will release a lot of fragrance when the night comes. The author found that no matter indoor or outdoor, as long as there is a "nocturnal fragrance" nearby, there will be no mosquito bites. Therefore, on a hot summer night, there is always a "nocturnal fragrance" at home, which not only smells the fragrance (natural and fragrant compared with various mosquito repellents), but also repels mosquitoes.

3. Use the essence of wind oil skillfully. The smell of mosquito repellent incense is choking; the air is dull when the mosquito net is hung. If you can sprinkle a proper amount of Aeolian essence on the whole plate of mosquito repellent incense before the mosquito repellent incense is applied, the mosquito repellent incense will not choke people, and the room is full of fragrance, with good mosquito repellent effect. If you can sprinkle a few drops of Aeolian essence on the bed net before entering the bed net, you can improve the air condition in the bed net and increase the mosquito repellent effect.

4. Use refrigerator skillfully. When the compressor on the back of the household refrigerator works, its shell temperature is usually 45-60 ℃, and the heat is even. For example, if you buy the special anti mosquito tablets for the electronic mosquito killer sold on the market, put them on the refrigerator compressor shell in the evening, and use the rest of the thermal evaporation tablets, you can also achieve good anti mosquito effect. Not only can you save a fee, but also it is more convenient to operate.