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Forecast of the top 16 teams announced in the 2018 Russia world cup group Championship scoreboard

The second round of 2018 Russia world cup group match has all ended, and the fate of some teams has come out. However, there is a final round of the competition, and the suspense of the top 16 is still to be solved. The promotion situation of some groups can be described as confusing. Argentina made a thrilling exit last night, cheering many fans.

Argentina defeated Nigeria 2-1 in the final battle of life and death, while Iceland regretted losing to Croatia, so Argentina scored 4 points, ranked second in the group, and was lucky to qualify for the qualification, while Croatia won all three games, occupying the first position in group D, Nigeria scored 3 points, regretfully ranked third, and Iceland scored 1 point, ranking last.

According to the schedule, Argentina's knockout opponent will be group C top France, while Croatia's opponent will be Denmark.