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Which team is stronger in 2018 World Cup Japan vs Poland?

World Cup Japan vs Poland score forecast, Japan vs Poland comparative analysis of all aspects of strength. Now the world cup is in full swing. Who can make it to the finals of the last 16? We will see.

2018 World Cup Japan vs Poland

Competition time: 22:00, June 28, Beijing time

Group H competition of Japan vs Poland in 2018 World Cup:

June 19 Colombia 1:2 Japan

June 19 Poland 1:2 Senegal

June 24 Japan 2:2 Senegal

June 25 Poland 0:3 Colombia

The second round of 2018 World Cup group H group competition: Colombia 3 points, Japan 4 points, Poland 0 points, Senegal 4 points

Poland vs Japan

The two teams have fought two times in history, Poland's total defeat in the Second World Cup was in the downwind, and 7 goals were lost without goals; among them, the two teams had no record in the World Cup history.


Number of World Cup entries: 7

The best result of the World Cup: the third place in 1974 and 1982

World Cup Time: 1938, 1974, 1978, 1982, 1986, 2002, 2006

FIFA ranking: 7

On August 31, 2017, Poland's national men's football team won the qualification of 2018 Russia world cup as the No.1 team in Group E of European region, which is their eighth time.