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Do you like it in Fuyao and Beiye? Who are you with in the end?

The TV play "whirlwind" is being broadcast, and the whirlwind played by Yang Mi has attracted a lot of attention since it was broadcast. Although it has experienced ups and downs, it has been helped and liked by many people in the five continents. In the latest scenario, Zhan Beiye seems to have a deep feeling for whirlwind, so who is whirlwind finally with? What is the ending of Zhan Beiye?

I believe many netizens are looking forward to what kind of emotional entanglement Yang Mi and Ruan Jingtian will have in the play. However, in the play, what attracts netizens' attention is the Han Emperor and Beiye. He is the No. 2 man in the play. Zhanbeiye is an infatuated man who only loves one woman in his life. This also makes many netizens very curious. Does zhanbeiye like to support and shake?

Who is the player of Zhan Beiye

In "whirlwind", Zhan Beiye is a perfect man. He is the emperor and a man with a sense of responsibility. He is the standard No.2 man who is liked by the audience. The actor of Zhan Beiye is Gao Weiguang. Gao Weiguang and Yang Mi are old partners. Yang Mi is also Gao Weiguang's boss. They cooperated in the TV series "ancient sword Qitan" and "three lives three lives ten Li Tao" Flower.

Gao Weiguang is also a god of ancient costume. He is 191cm tall. He can control any ancient costume. In the play, Yang Mi plays the heroine Fuyao, and of course, Zhan Beiye, the No. 2 man, likes Fuyao! Zhan Beiye is also very good at martial arts. He is the apprentice of the top ten, and Zhan Beiye himself is also the leader of Tiansha liewang and heifengqi.

Zhan Beiye: do you like supporting

However, the falling flowers deliberately flow relentlessly. Only the eldest grandson likes Fuyao, so there is no good ending between zhanbeiye and Fuyao. Fuyao is a very thoughtful woman. Although Zhan Beiye is infatuated with her, she can't clap her hands. However, Princess yalanju loves to fight in Beiye. Although pearl is a princess, it's not something you want to get!

What is the ending of the war in Beiye

Zhan Beiye's emotional line is too poor. The people he likes don't like him, but the people who like him don't! So, Zhan Beiye is the life of Zhu GUSHENG. It's learned that Zhan Beiye is still emotionally alone in the end, but as the king of a country, he is not dead. It's a pity that, although he has a very high status, more than ten thousand people under one person, but the setting of loneliness is a little painful!