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Which professional employment prospects are better? Top ten major recommendations for 2018 college e

is it a headache for examinees and parents these days? After the college entrance examination, the most important thing is to fill in the application form. What are the popular majors? So for this year's candidates, what are the hot majors? 2018 college entrance examination hot majors and college recommendations, see if your favorite university is among them?

Top majors in 2018 college entrance examination

1、 English Major

Training objectives: in addition to achieving the professional level of English, we should focus on strengthening the learning and machine training of English interpretation and translation ability, and be able to use English as a general communication tool with a high level of translation.

Main courses: Basic English, intermediate English, advanced English, English grammar, history of British and American literature, general situation of British and American, British and American culture, English writing, translation theory and practice, English and Chinese interpretation, introduction to linguistics, English newspapers and magazines, etc. the senior year also offers Shakespeare reading, English and American film and television, British and American news media, English speech skills, etc.

Employment destination: national government departments, domestic and foreign education, business, enterprises, news media institutions, as well as foreign institutions in China, etc.

2、 Computer major

Training objectives: this major aims to cultivate senior professionals engaged in the research, design, development, application and teaching of computer software, hardware and application systems. Students have a comprehensive knowledge of computer software and hardware, master the basic methods and skills of computer application, and have a certain ability to solve practical problems and innovation.

Main courses: electronic technology, discrete mathematics, program design, data structure, operating system, computer composition principle, microcomputer system, computer system structure, compilation principle, computer network, database system, software engineering, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, digital image processing, computer communication principle, multimedia information processing technology, digital signal processing , computer control, network computing, algorithm design and analysis, information security, application cryptography foundation, information confrontation, mobile computing, number theory and finite field foundation, human-computer interface design, object-oriented programming, etc.

Employment destination: government departments, large and medium-sized enterprises, colleges and universities, research institutions, financial and insurance industries, wholly-owned and joint ventures, etc.

3、 Law major

Training objective: to cultivate senior professionals who can systematically master legal knowledge, be familiar with the laws of our country and the relevant policies of the party, and be able to work in state organs, enterprises and institutions and social organizations, especially in legislative organs, administrative organs, procuratorial organs, judicial organs, arbitration institutions and legal service institutions.

Main courses: jurisprudence, Chinese legal history, constitution, civil law, commercial law, economic law, criminal law, civil procedure law, criminal procedure law, administrative law and administrative procedure law, intellectual property law, international law, private international law and international economic law. The first level subjects of law include 10 second level subjects: jurisprudence, legal history, civil and commercial law, constitution and administrative law, economic law, criminal law, international law, procedural law, natural resources and environmental protection law, and military law

Where to go: judicial organs, foreign trade and financial departments, law firms, enterprises and institutions engaged in legal work.

4、 Business Administration

Training objective: to cultivate senior industrial and commercial management talents with comprehensive knowledge and ability in management, business strategy, marketing, economy and law, who can be engaged in management, teaching and scientific research in various types of enterprises, institutions and government departments.

Main courses: management, microeconomics, macroeconomics, management information system, statistics, accounting, financial management, marketing, economic law management, human resource management, enterprise strategic management

Employment direction: various types of enterprises, institutions and government departments engaged in management, teaching and scientific research.

5、 Art design

Training objective: to cultivate professional talents who have knowledge and ability in art design and creation, teaching and research, and can be engaged in art design, research, teaching and management in art design education, research, design, production and management units.

Main courses: computer aided design, corporate image design, packaging design, advertising design, advertising music, interior design, modern decorative art design, media communication, display design, public art design, design thinking and methods, introduction to product design, design management, film and television animation design, commercial photography, etc.

Employment direction: engaged in the work of art design, research, teaching and management in the units of art design education, research, design, production and management.

6、 Major in international economy and trade

Training objective: to train professionals with high level of economic theory and practical knowledge who can engage in practical work, scientific research and teaching in international economy, international trade, international investment, etc.

Main courses: political economy, macroeconomics and microeconomics, world economy, international trade, international finance, international economics, econometrics, monetary banking, international investment and credit, comparative economics, international marketing, international trade practice, English intensive reading, advanced mathematics, accounting, statistics, computer application, etc.

Employment direction: accounting firms, banks, foreign trade companies, securities companies, futures companies, foreign-funded enterprises, foreign economic departments of the government, universities and scientific research institutions, etc.

7、 Information and Computing Science

Training objective: to cultivate specialized talents who have good mathematical knowledge, master basic theories and methods of information science and computing science, are initially trained in scientific research, can use the knowledge learned and proficient computer skills to solve practical problems, and can do research, teaching, application development and management in science and technology, education and economic departments.

Main courses: basic mathematics course (analysis, algebra, geometry), probability and statistics, mathematical model, physics, computer foundation (Introduction to calculation, algorithm and data structure, software system foundation), information science foundation, theoretical computer science foundation, numerical calculation method, computer graphics, operation research and optimization, etc.

Employment direction: software development companies, insurance companies, securities markets, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, etc. engaged in research, development, teaching work.

8、 Electronic Information Engineering

Training objective: to cultivate wide caliber senior engineering and technical talents with solid theoretical basic knowledge of electronic technology and information system, wide range of knowledge, strong practical ability, ability to engage in research, design, manufacturing and application of electronic and information system, and full of innovation spirit.

Main courses: circuit theory series courses, computer technology series courses, information theory and coding, signal and system, digital signal processing, electromagnetic field theory, automatic control principle, sensing technology, etc.

Employment direction: mainly engaged in the research, design, manufacturing, application and development of various electronic equipment and information systems in relevant enterprises (private and private enterprises, state-owned enterprises, three capital enterprises), scientific research and design units, colleges and universities, etc.

9、 Marketing Major

Training objectives: the major aims to cultivate professionals who master modern marketing and international marketing theories and practices, have advanced marketing skills and modern management awareness, and can engage in business management and marketing planning of various enterprises.

Main courses: marketing, international marketing, international trade theory and practice, market research, management information system, advertising, public relations, enterprise management, consumer psychology, organizational marketing, etc.

Direction of employment: Industrial and commercial enterprises or enterprise groups, foreign trade companies, comprehensive trade companies, financial institutions, advertising companies, futures, securities companies, government circulation management departments or research institutions.

10、 Accounting Major

Training objective: to cultivate accounting professionals who master basic accounting theories, specialized knowledge and skills, have the ability to organize accounting work scientifically, design accounting system, engage in auditing and financial management, etc.

Main courses: basic accounting, intermediate financial accounting, senior financial accounting, cost accounting, management accounting, financial management, auditing, accounting information system. Professional elective courses: tax law, personal finance, merger and acquisition, accounting English, accounting theory, management consulting, financial report analysis, venture capital management, foreign exchange business accounting, accounting of joint stock companies, accounting of securities companies, international accounting, etc.

Employment direction: domestic and foreign industrial and commercial enterprises, financial enterprises, institutions and other units, accounting firms and relevant departments engaged in accounting and financial management.