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The most suffocating 47 seconds in the world cup, Ronaldo was scared and almost got a red card

The penalty kick made Ronaldo in a bad mood. In the 82nd minute, there was an obvious physical contact between Ronaldo and piligangi. The match obviously fell to the ground after contact, which made the fans all over the world nervous, but it was a false alarm that they were not punished with a red card in the end.

praligangi's back is facing the position of C Roca. When C Roca rushes past Iran 8, he has an obvious elbow swing. Praligangi can't rise after being hit on the chin. Next thing, let the heart of the fans all over the world mention the voice.

Referee caseres didn't see Cristiano Ronaldo's move for the first time. He chose to turn to VaR for help. The broadcast picture suggested that this was a 'red card review'. At 81:41, caseres appeared in front of the VaR screen. Ten seconds later, caseres watched the VaR and made the final decision. He slowly ran to Cristiano Ronaldo. At this time, the broadcast gave a close-up of Ronaldo's face. At that time, Ronaldo's Micro expression clearly told us that he was really scared. The Portuguese captain looked serious and even scared. He didn't know what the result was.

At 82:28, caseres announced his final decision. He pulled out a yellow card for Ronaldo. From the slow mirror, Ronaldo did have a stroke, but objectively it was not a very serious elbow stroke, so the referee's judgment was very accurate.

Seeing that he was only warned by a yellow card, Ronaldo smiled relieved. After 47 seconds of shock, Ronaldo managed to avoid the red card. He didn't have to worry about being banned in the first round of the knockout. And these 47 seconds are the most suffocating 47 seconds for the fans all over the world who watch the live broadcast of the game -- it's hard to imagine that Ronaldo was sent off like this, and even this will be the best performance of Ronaldo in this world cup.

Ronaldo didn't get a red card, and Iranian coach Queiroz stopped. Queiroz held up his hands with a sarcastic smile, and aides protested beside him. After the game against Spain, Queiros complained about the VaR system over and over again because of Iran's blow off offside. I believe that after tonight's game, Queiroz will shoot the referee again.