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What to do if the air conditioner doesn't cool in summer? Solution to the poor refrigeration effect

For the car owners, it's hard to bear the heat and heat in summer. Do many people like to drive with the air conditioner on? But once the car's age is too long, is it found that the cooling effect of the car is not good, so how to solve it?

1. The filter screen is too dirty

Try to find the bypass valve on the filter element base of the filter screen. When the pressure difference between the two sides of the valve reaches a certain value, it can be opened

Generally, the oil flows into the main oil pipe through this pipe, and other relevant parts are lubricated with the special lubricant for automobiles, so it's almost the same

2. It may be due to long-term failure to clean

Some air conditioners will have a pungent smell when they are turned on, which is why the filter screen of automobile air conditioner hasn't been cleaned for a long time, and if it hasn't been cleaned for a long time, it will also affect the health of the people in the car, so we'd better clean it every other time!

3. It may be necessary to clean the pipeline

The cleaning method is to turn off a / C switch, internal circulation, maximum air volume modulation and maximum temperature modulation, and then spray the air conditioner cleaning agent towards the position where the air conditioner filter element is taken out. The suction in the cleaning agent will suck in the cleaning agent, so as to clean the air conditioner pipe

4. Not enough antifreeze

You can ask people nearby to see if there is a 4S shop or a car repair shop. You can only find a professional car repair person to have a look

5. Long term use of external circulation

The external circulation of the air conditioner is to suck the air outside the car into the car after passing through the condenser, and the internal circulation is to circulate the air inside the car through the air conditioner condenser. Therefore, if the external circulation is used for a long time and the high-temperature air outside is directly inhaled, the effect is certainly worse than the internal circulation. It is suggested that the internal and external circulation of car owners can be used alternately to ensure the air conditioning effect and the air quality in the car

6. The car doors and windows are not closed properly

Carefully check whether your car's doors and windows are closed. Closing them is another problem

7. The air conditioner core is too old

If your car's air conditioner core has been used for quite a long time, it may be a problem with the air conditioner core. You will go to the online store to buy an air conditioner core and install it yourself. No, you can only find a car maintenance shop and a car repair shop

8. Not enough snow

You can use the pressure gauge to check the lower pressure value when you are on the vehicle, and carefully check whether the lower cooler is normal

If not, the snow is not enough. If not, the cold wind is not very cold or weak. If you don't have enough snow, just look for a repair shop.

9. Adjust the wind direction

Because the air conditioner is heavier than the hot air, it should be upward when selecting the wind direction. In addition, when the cold air blows to the face, people feel cool, so when turning on the air conditioner, the wind direction should be adjusted to the position of the face

10. Close the warm air water valve

Some car warm air water valves need to be manually closed by themselves, so there is no heat in the warm air water tank, and the cold air in the evaporator will not be neutralized, so as to improve the refrigeration effect

11. Clean the evaporator

Using the special cleaning liquid inside the air conditioner to clean the evaporator and air supply pipe of the air conditioner not only cleans the air conditioner, but also enhances the refrigeration effect

12. Clean condenser

During the driving process in summer, mosquitoes and muddy water will stick to the condenser. If not cleaned in time, it will cause poor cooling of the condenser and poor cooling effect of the air conditioner. Therefore, when washing the car, the condenser and water tank should also be cleaned

13. Check the air conditioning belt

Check the tightness and aging condition of the air conditioning belt. If it is too loose, it will be firm. If there is crack in the aging, it should be replaced. Otherwise, it will also affect the refrigeration effect

Note: the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car should not exceed 10 ℃. When the air conditioner is turned on, the appropriate temperature must be selected. Normally, the temperature difference between the inside of the car and the outside should be 5 ℃ - 6 ℃, and the best temperature is 18 ℃ - 25 ℃. Setting the temperature too low will not only affect your health, but also be harmful to the operation of the machine!