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Baby accidentally swallowed gum how to do? How does the child swallow the foreign body first aid?

For many children, they will encounter a lot of W problems in the process of growing up. Are the parents worried about swallowing foreign bodies? Many parents are worried that the baby's chewing gum will affect the health, so what should the baby do if he swallows it carelessly?

How did the baby swallow the gum?

Many parents are very worried that the baby's chewing gum will affect the health, but in fact, the main components of chewing gum are sugar powder, syrup and gum base. The first two are soluble in water, which will gradually dissolve with saliva when chewing in the mouth, so after people chew, the main spit out is gum base.

Gum base is not easy to digest, but when it comes to stomach acid, under the action of acid, after hydrolysis and the action of digestive enzyme, finally gum has completely denatured, and it will be discharged through normal digestive way. It is impossible to stick to intestines, and it will not lead to death. Therefore, when children swallow gum or bubble gum carelessly, they don't need to panic 。

Under normal circumstances, it will be excreted 1-2 days after swallowing gum by mistake, and there will be no discomfort. After swallowing gum by mistake, you can drink more water or eat foods with high cellulose such as leek, sweet potato, etc., which is helpful to defecate, promote intestinal peristalsis and discharge faster.

Baby's chewing gum should be prevented from jamming. Compared with baby's swallowing gum by mistake, gum stuck in the throat is the most dangerous, which is easy to cause suffocation. Therefore, children under three years old should never eat gum, jelly and other food.

When the chewing gum is too sticky and stuck in the throat, if it can't be taken out, you can drink cold boiled water and swallow it down, because the chewing gum will harden and contract after being cold, and become easy to fall off. Generally speaking, it doesn't matter as long as the chewing gum doesn't block the respiratory tract.

If the baby's chewing gum is stuck in the air pipe, use Heimlich method for first aid. If it is stuck in the air pipe, the parents can use Heimlich method for first aid. During the rescue, try to grasp the gold for 6 minutes. If it is more than 6 minutes, the child can be rescued in time, which will cause more or less brain damage.

The principle of Heimlich's first aid method: it uses the soft tissue under the abdomen diaphragm to be impacted suddenly, which produces upward pressure and compresses the lower parts of both lungs, so as to drive the residual air in the lungs to form an air flow. This air flow with impact and directionality, which can drive directly into the trachea, can drive away foreign matters such as hard food blocks blocking the trachea and throat and make people rescued.

Heimlich's first aid methods are as follows:

1. For the younger child (within 3 years old), the rescuer should immediately hold the child upside down, put one arm against the child's chest, hold the child's cheekbones with his hand, and let him lie face down on the rescuer's knee. Pat the other hand on its back for 5-6 times, and observe whether the foreign body spits out.

2. If the foreign body does not spit out, turn the child over and lie on the hard ground or bed board. The rescuer kneels down or stands on the side of his feet, or takes a seat, and makes the child ride on the rescuer's thighs, facing forward. The rescuer put the middle finger or index finger of both hands on the abdomen under the thorax and on the umbilicus of the child, and hit and press it up quickly, but gently, repeatedly, until the foreign body is discharged.

3. For the older children, the rescuer should immediately stand behind the child and squeeze the abdomen quickly to discharge the foreign matters. The specific way is to use one side of the thumb of a fist to hold the position above the navel and in the middle of the sternum of the child, and the other hand to hold the fist and squeeze it upward until the foreign body is discharged.