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Three dog days moxibustion precautions and taboos after moxibustion can you blow air conditioning?

According to the traditional view of health preservation, sanfutian is the best time for the treatment of winter disease in summer, and moxibustion is also a good way to supplement the Yang Qi of human body. Three dog days moxibustion is also a lot of attention, let's get to know.

Keep warm during moxibustion in dog days

When moxibustion is carried out in the dog days, keep warm. Although it is very hot in the dog days, keep cool when moxibustion is carried out, especially in the case of keeping indoor air circulation, avoid blowing through the air.

For example, because the wind cannot be blown during moxibustion, please close the doors and windows before moxibustion. The air convection in the room cannot be too strong, so moxibustion should be carried out in a relatively closed environment. In summer, you can't blow the fan and turn on the air conditioner.

Before moxibustion

1. Because the wind cannot be blown during moxibustion, please close the door and window before moxibustion, and the room cannot be ventilated. In summer, you can't ventilate or turn on the air conditioner.

2. Moxibustion is not allowed immediately after meals. Moxibustion is only allowed one hour after meals, because moxibustion is not allowed if you are too full.

In the morning sickness

1. Moxibustion can not be too full or too hungry, the mood is sad, happy and angry can not be moxibustion, to keep the mood calm and soothing.

2. Moxibustion must drink warm boiled water, convenient for detoxification, water temperature can be slightly higher. You can't drink cold boiled water. It's the same in summer.

3. If there is moisture on the surface of acupoints in moxibustion, it is the cold Qi in the body that is discharged through acupoints, and the cold Qi in the body is heavier, so moxibustion plays a role.

After moxibustion

1. Do not wash your face with cold water within half an hour after moxibustion. After moxibustion, the pores of the whole body are opened, which is easy to be cold.

2. Do not take a bath immediately after moxibustion. The same is true. Generally, I take a bath before moxibustion. Or after moxibustion, take a shower after a few hours.

3. After moxibustion, if there is fatigue and lack of energy, it is a normal phenomenon. At this time, the body is taking a rest. You can rest for a while without tiredness.