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Single tax is really coming to the country. Is it forced marriage in disguise?

​ &; &; these two days, the draft of individual income tax has exploded the whole circle of friends. After carefully reading the official documents and the interpretation of the professional tycoons, the more you see it, the more strange you find it. Finally, you come to a conclusion: 'single or will pay more individual income tax!'. The single dog itself is already very poor. Can't it be taken care of in terms of taxes?

Let's take a look at it. What?

​ let's focus on children's education expenditure & hellip


The draft of individual income tax clearly stipulates to increase special additional deduction,

Families with children and old people will be taken care of.

It's also 30000 a month,

According to the current 5000 yuan exemption

When you are single, you will be directly deducted from the individual income tax: 3580 yuan

After marriage, although the specific tax amount has not been announced

Let it go,

But it's less than 3580, right?

Otherwise, the draft individual income tax does not need to increase these special additional deductions.

Are you right?

​: single people who have no children, no rooms and no partners are hiding and hugging themselves.

The sudden wave of single dogs forced to marry by the state is also unexpected.

In fact, since the release of the draft individual income tax, there have been countless netizens on Weibo talking about whether this individual income tax reform is a single tax in another situation.


Netizens Tucao, "single tax" came.


Can you pay less tax if you have children than if you have no children?

The single dog cried,

Not married yet, where's the baby from?

&#Most netizens think that the tax reform obviously has the tendency to collect "single tax", and single dogs are crying together.


So, do you really want to start to collect the single tax?

In fact, from the perspective of the existing deduction policies, the deduction of children's education and the deduction of housing loan interest, especially for children's education, are indeed preferential policies for married families with children. It can be seen that the current policies tend to favor married people with children.

After deducting various expenses, the amount of individual income tax paid by married people with children will indeed be less than that of single people, and the salary of the same salary after tax payment will be higher.

From the perspective of policy, this measure aims to reduce taxes for families. Married families with children will deduct one more child education expense than single families.

​ at present, there is no specific measure to determine how to deduct. If the amount of deduction is high, it is likely to appear as shown in the figure. Ordinary single people and married families with children have the same level of salary of 50000 yuan, and single people pay nearly 10000 yuan of tax, while married people with children may not have tax to pay after deducting various expenses.

Behind the "forced marriage" at the national level, there are cries of how many single dogs are hiding. Why should we pay more taxes on the basis of our ability list!


Single tax has already been implemented in foreign countries!

When it comes to the single tax, we have to mention several big single countries. For 14 consecutive years, South Korea has been listed as a country with a very low fertility rate. The government has clearly stipulated that unmarried workers with an annual salary of 20 million to 30 million will pay an extra 200000 won 'single tax' every year. Russia even imposes a childless tax on DINK families & hellip;. In general, there are not a few single dogs who are forced to marry by the state.

"Big single country", "low marriage rate" and "super single society" are becoming the new labels of Japan.

Japan is not the first country to propose a 'single tax'. With the increasing number of married singles in the world, many countries have proposed to impose a 'single tax' on them.

​: after reading this, I can't help sighing. It turns out that it's so hard to be single now.

However, compared with other countries, the "single tax" mentioned in the current individual income tax draft is just some preferential policies that can't be enjoyed because of being single. It's not an extra tax. Compared with other countries, it's more friendly. ​

​ in order to force marriage, the state has also racked its brains. As one of the singles, Xiaobian feels extremely ashamed, which really breaks the heart of the State & hellip;

As for whether the individual income tax reform really aims to collect the "single tax" and what the specific deduction measures will be, we have to see the follow-up implementation plan.

Here, I also wish you all the bachelors to respond to the national policy as soon as possible, get rid of the bill in time and pay less individual income tax.

Single is not guilty, but there is tax!