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What do you need to prepare for summer rafting? Notes on girls' drifting

Summer rafting is definitely a relatively cool activity. It seems that rafting is free and easy, but it also needs to prepare a lot of things, so what should be prepared before rafting?

1. Sunscreen equipment, such as trousers, sunscreen, eyeglass rope, wide brimmed hat, sunglasses, outdoor headscarves, etc., generally takes several hours to drift, and it is easy to sunburn skin when exposed to the hot sun, so the more sunscreen equipment, the better, especially the beauty loving mm must pay attention.

2. Inflatable cushion, there must be cold river water 'invading' into the boat in the process of rafting, and the bottom of the boat itself is very thin, when encountering stones, it will scratch the body, so you need to prepare an inflatable cushion.

3. Beach shoes, beach shoes and inflatable seat cushions have the same function, that is, to prevent feet from soaking in the river water, and to prevent the soles of feet from being scraped by sharp tools.

4. Waterproof bags, in the process of rafting, water will be splashed on the body and face. Mobile phones, wallets, jewelry and other valuables must be placed in waterproof bags to ensure that they do not enter the water.

5. There is no doubt that dry clothes will get wet when drifting, so we must prepare dry clothes to prevent cold.

6. Small food, such as biscuits, chocolate, etc., can replenish your strength when you are tired.

7. Gloves need to be rowed in the process of rafting. Rowing is definitely an individual activity for girls. With the scorching sun, it's easy to get sunburned and injured by the slender jade hands. Therefore, gloves are absolutely hand protectors at this time.