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Trembling response to bathing is broadcast, someone malicious push too spicy eye

Recently, a video entitled "pupils shaking at home, mother bathing and being live" has been widely disseminated online. It caused a great uproar in the network society. How did the official voice respond? Let's get to know. In response, @ the official headline of jitter short video released in the evening of June 21st responded: "some people are pushing maliciously."

According to the response, it was verified that the video was released by the user at 22:06 on June 19, and there was accidental lighting content in the remote background of the video. At 23:46, the video was offline with 216 playback times. Not live content. Jitter stressed that after two days, the short video was suddenly spread on the Internet in a large scale, and there was obviously a malicious push. On Baidu mobile alone, the number of videos played reached 890000.

Trembling indicates that this behavior not only seriously violates user privacy, but also causes great harm to the family concerned. Jitter will further improve the audit mechanism of the platform, and also hope that commercial competition will not hurt ordinary users.

In June 11th, the announcement of punishment for illegal accounts and contents was released. In May 2018, 26356 videos were cleared and 21786 accounts were permanently banned.

Trembling disorder: young girls do not wear underwear.

Recently, the chaos of short video platform has aroused strong social concern. In April 10th, after logging in on APP, reporters found that some videos on the platform still contained soft, soft and violent information harmful to minors.

'some of the vulgar spoof videos appeared on the Internet, with minors as the protagonists, are very inappropriate. Some have involved child pornography, which is absolutely intolerable. In the protection of minors, higher standards must be set up to make clear the bad information that is not suitable for minors to contact. "The head of the rights and interests Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League said in an interview with China Youth Net.