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Why didn't Cai Xukun run? Why is Cai Xukun absent from running

Since the nine idol students started their career, they have been concerned by the whole people. Some time ago, fan Chengcheng came back alone to record running man, which is amazing. Last night, running man broadcast, but did not see Cai Xukun's figure. What's the matter? Why Cai Xukun did not participate in the recording of running man?


Fan Chengcheng, Zhu Zhengting, Chen Linong, Huang Minghao, Lin Yanjun, Prince Yi, Xiaogui and you Changjing will record running man! Why not Cai Xukun?

Maybe Kun has something else to do. I'm looking forward to other runners

Although it's a pity that Kun Kun can't participate in the recording, I'm looking forward to the performance of nine percent's teammates and the first show of variety show. I also look forward to CAI Xukun's follow-up itinerary, as well as new songs and meeting.

Cai Xukun, an outstanding youth idol, let us know! In this solemn and beautiful youth day, I believe that having a heart of unity and friendship is more important than any absence. Although we are absent from the program recording, what we will never be absent from is our sincere wishes to everyone. I hope that our team-mates and our running male predecessors will have a good time in the program. ​

Although it's a pity, those who haven't met will meet. I'm looking forward to cooperation in the future. I'm looking forward to the performance of eight players and the schedule after Cai Xukun;

Kun Kun missed the runner this time. It should be because of other work, so schedule conflict. Please calm down and deal with it rationally.

Although there are regrets, I believe there will be opportunities to meet in the future. He is the best Kun, we are the best ikun, with wind and rain, we have been together! Please smile, positive energy!

Cai Xukun's profile:

August, 1998, born in Hunan Province, is a male singer and actor in mainland China.

In April 2012, Cai Xukun entered the entertainment circle because he participated in the variety show "go up! Youth" and entered the top 200 of the country; in August, he participated in the first idol drama "fairy tale half". In March 2014, he participated in his first film "perfect false wife 168";

On July 10, 2015, Cai Xukun participated in the recording of the youth inspirational example cultivation reality show "star moving Asia" hosted by Anhui Satellite TV, and successfully entered the top 15 nationwide. He also sang the theme song "top now" with he Yifan, Liu Ye, Zhao Jinheng and other top 15 students of "star moving Asia". In August, Cai Xukun and the rest of the top 15 students of star moving Asia went to South Korea for three months of closed training. In September, I returned to China and recorded the Mid Autumn Festival Party of Anhui TV with Jin Rong.

On October 18, 2016, Cai Xukun, Zuo Qipu, Zhu Yunlong, Liu Ye, Zhao Pinlin and other 10 people jointly formed a men's combination swin, and served as the high pitched rap in swin-s of the music team. On November 10, other members of swin and their group participated in the food sharing program "the taste of heart" of Anhui Satellite TV as regular guests. In December, Cai Xukun's group swin-s released its first mini album "new world", which was produced by double kick and included five songs including fantasy and tomorrow road.

In January 2018, he participated in the competition of China's first idol men's group, which iqiyi mainly created, to perform the cultivation reality show "idol trainee". On April 6, the idol trainee won the highest number of votes in the finals, and made his debut in the C position of nine men's team of nine men.