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When will the Russian world cup end? Schedule of 2018 Russia world cup

Russia's world cup is in full swing, so when will it end? How many days does Russia have in the world cup? For Chinese fans, they still have some rest time after enjoying the football feast. This time, Chinese fans don't have to stay up all night.

Time: 23:00, June 14

Highlight: the opening battle

But any opening match, no matter who the two sides are, will be widely watched. After all, the enthusiasm of the host fans does not need to be mobilized, and fans all over the world are looking forward to it.

Can Russia, who has never broken through in the World Cup group match, lay a good foundation for the group to go out? Will Saudi Arabia, who has not won in the world cup in 24 years, rewrite its history? The only match in the history of the two teams was in 1993, when Saudi Arabia beat Russia 4-2. It's a good signing for the host country. Saudi Arabia may be the 'softest persimmon' in the group. The Russian team will try their best to win the first game.

Time: 02:00, June 16

Highlights: the influence of the Iberian Derby, Ronaldo's appearance and temporary change of manager on the Spanish team

No matter from history or football culture, the Iberian Peninsula derby is one of the most eye-catching matches in this world cup group match.

The past two European Cup champions' direct collision itself is full of gimmicks. No matter from the starlight, historical changes and even the story, the brilliance is extraordinary. The last two competitions between the two teams are in the knockout stage: in the 2012 European Cup semi-final, Spain won the penalty shoot out; in the 2010 World Cup 16, villa scored, Spain narrowly won 1-0.

Just before the start of the world cup, Spanish coach lopeggi was sacked. During the world cup, former Real Madrid star Jerome will be the interim manager. It is also a point to see whether the Spanish team's condition will be affected.

This battle, is the Portugal team led by Ronaldo laughing to the end, or the Spain team with strong integrity better?

Time: 21:00, June 16

Highlight: Macy's first show

As one of the favourites to win the championship, Messi's Argentina team certainly hopes to win the first prize, but Iceland is not a fish belly. Whether it's the surprise of the 2016 European Cup or the strength in the World Cup qualifier, it is believed that this Icelandic team has enough courage to act as a 'black horse'.

Iceland team has a strong physical quality and tenacious fighting spirit, in the face of a strong team to defend the counterattack is Iceland team's skill. How to break through the frozen wall will be the key to determine the trend of the game. In fact, Croatia and Nigeria, the other two teams in group D, are also very strong. There are some variables in Argentina's group game.

Time: 23:00, June 17

Highlight: who is the best team in Europe and North America

Although the difficulty of winning in Germany is needless to say, Mexican football has always been full of imagination and has been playing brilliantly in recent world competitions. Germany won 10 European qualifiers and scored 43 goals, while Mexico won the first group match in both stages of the central North America and Caribbean qualifiers, so this game is a strong dialogue.

Time: 02:00, June 18

What to watch: 'five star Brazil' debut

Although the last World Cup at home faltered, but the performance of this World Cup qualifier let the fans look forward to this Brazilian team. Neymar, the first draft of the last World Cup, has scored twice. Now four years have passed, can the more mature leader 'tighten up' in the first game?

It is worth noting that Switzerland, as the only team that has beaten Spain at its peak, has always been strong in recent years. The new lineup with zaca and shakri as the core has also become stable. Let's see if they can play the "giant killer" again.

Time: 02:00, June 22

Highlights: 'battle of Tianwang mountain'

The 'pampas eagles' are looking forward to flying to the champion; the' Plaid Legion 'is also content to try to create another glory. The competition between them may be the top of the group, the battle of tianwangshan.

Compared with the magnificent in the middle and front court, the defense lines of both teams have certain hidden dangers. How to face the fast passing and cutting of Messi and others in Croatia's high defense combination, and how to prevent the strong attack of manjujizi, pericic and others in Argentina's defense? It's worth looking forward to.

Time: 02:00, June 24

Highlight: can Germany win the first initiative of the group?

Germany want to be first in the group, and Sweden will be a crucial game. Sweden from Ljungberg, Larson to Ibrahimovic, to today's' mediocre lineup, all the people ', although the paper strength is slightly inferior, but the actual experience is not down. In the European preliminary round, Sweden's successive retreat from Holland and Italy proved the team's tenacity. It's worth mentioning that the two teams have made big scores many times in the history of confrontation, two of which are good performances of scoring 8 goals in a single game.

Time: 22:00, June 26

Highlight: who will decide the fate of the other party?

In the history of the world cup and the European Cup, Denmark and France have been in the same group five times and each team has won or lost five times. In the world cup, the two teams met twice. What is impressive is that in the 2002 World Cup group match, France fell into a desperate situation when it was 1-1 draw in the first two games. In the last round, only a net victory over Denmark could ensure a narrow escape. However, Denmark scored two goals by romedal and Tomasson, sending the defending champion out at the bottom.

This time with France and Denmark in group C, they will have a dialogue in the third round. Will they control the fate of the other team as they did in the 2002 World Cup?

Time: 02:00, June 29

Highlights: 'Premier League civil war'

In Belgium, the players who play in the Premier League account for half of the total, and the England team is all from the Premier League, so this competition is called "the civil war of the Premier League". The two teams know each other's roots and know each other well. After the sparking competition, the team's first place may be decided.