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The lowest mistake in the world cup

The match against Croatia is crucial for Argentina, and every detail will determine the success or failure. Unfortunately, in such a crucial game, Argentine goalkeeper Fabrizio Caballero made a fatal mistake, leading to Argentina's disastrous defeat.

At that time, in the 53rd minute of the game, Argentine goalkeeper Fabrizio Caballero received a return pass from teammate melcado, and he planned to kick the ball out in the face of the pressure from Croatian striker Rebic. However, it is inconceivable that kabarero made a fatal mistake at this time.

His opening power is too small, which makes the ball bounce up to leibici's eyes. The latter will not let go of the pie falling from such a sky. The Croatian forward finally volleys and laughs. Under such a big mistake, Caballero himself is angry to vent, obviously he also knows that this mistake is likely to destroy the hope of Argentina team.

The rest of Argentina's teammates and coach sampoli were also shocked by Fabio Capello's amateur kick-off errors. Captain Messi even chose to turn around silently, with a rather disappointed look on his face. The mistakes of Fabrizio Caballero also remind us of the two mistakes made by German goalkeeper karious in this season's Champions League final match between Liverpool and Real Madrid. Although the ways of the two mistakes are not the same, they directly cost the team a lot.

As a well-known goalkeeper in Argentine football, Caballero has a brilliant career history. He has played in Malaga, Manchester City, Chelsea and other European powers. He is also a regular for Argentina. So as a 35 year old veteran, making such a mistake really shouldn't be.

After seeing the mistakes of Fabrizio Capello, Argentine coach sampoli may also regret that he gave up his team's main goalkeeper Romero at the last moment before the world cup. Although the latter operated this summer, he was able to catch up with the world cup. If United's goalkeeper is still there, the prospect of Argentina's World Cup qualification may be much brighter.