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How does summer lipstick perspire return a responsibility? Can lipstick be kept in the refrigerator?

As we all know, lipstick is a very important make-up. However, with the change of seasons, lipstick will sweat easily in summer. What's the matter? What about lipstick sweating? Can it be put in the refrigerator?

What to do with lipstick sweating in summer

1. Not suitable for further use

It is not recommended to continue using lipstick in summer if there is sweating and dripping. The main ingredients in lipstick are generally wax, oil, vaseline and so on. These ingredients will melt when encountering high temperature. In addition to melting, some lipsticks will also sweat. If there is sweating in lipstick, it means that lipstick has deteriorated to a large extent, and further use may have some adverse effects on lips. Therefore, it is not recommended to continue to use.

2. Preservation method in summer

Many girls worry that their lipstick will melt and sweat, but they don't know how to keep it in summer. In fact, the way to keep lipstick in summer is very simple, that is to put lipstick in a cool and dry place. At the same time, it is also necessary to avoid putting lipstick in the direct sunlight, so as to prevent lipstick from being affected by high temperature. In addition, some people will store lipstick in the refrigerator, which can be emergency but not suitable for long-term storage. So it's good to choose the preservation method according to your lipstick.

3. Tips for choosing lipstick

Many girls worry about the quality of lipstick when they see something wrong with lipstick. In fact, it is normal for lipstick to sweat after melting under high temperature. Here are some tips for choosing lipstick. First of all, look at the surface of lipstick. Generally, a good lipstick is smooth without pores. Next is the smell, usually good lipstick is not pungent taste, and bad lipstick will have an unpleasant flavor.

Can lipstick be put in the fridge in summer.

1. Keep in a cool place

Generally, in summer, the temperature is relatively high, the air humidity is relatively high, and lipstick may have some wet problems, or the temperature is too high to cause some deterioration problems, etc., so lipstick should be generally kept in a cool place. In summer, you can bring less lipstick when you go out. Generally, you can put it at home or at work, because if you turn on the air conditioner indoors, you won't worry about the high temperature. And don't put it where the sun is easy to reach.

2. It can also be refrigerated

Many people say that lipstick can't be put into the refrigerator. They say that the temperature of lipstick in the refrigerator is too low, and it may be easy to change the ingredients when it is taken out again. But those lipsticks that are not commonly used can be put in the refrigerator. Because they are not used for a long time, they are not taken out generally. They can be taken out when the temperature is relatively low in autumn. The temperature of the refrigerator is not too low, so it doesn't matter.