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Does modern brother Liu Yuning have a girlfriend? How many people are the modern brothers?

Modern brothers' live style of outdoor music has been widely praised, which has led to the trend of outdoor music. The recent blaze on the blaze has made many people worship the modern brothers. How much do you know about modern brothers Liu Yuning? One of the brothers who is a strong voice, hopes Liu Yuning's music will be wider.

Recently, the modern combination of the trembling and modern brothers is also a big fire, because the handsome appearance of the lead singer Liu Yuning, coupled with the perfect singing, has attracted the attention of many netizens. Now the modern brothers' fans have reached about 5000000.

I don't know about the marriage of modern brother Liu Yuning. Netizens have little information about his feelings, which is almost impossible to find. As for whether there is a girlfriend, the editor also has no evidence, but there should be no girlfriend. After all, the feelings of modern brother members have never been exposed.

When I was concerned about them, I shook my voice only about three hundred thousand fans. At the beginning, I was amazed by the horse and the gun. Later, I found that every song can sing their feelings. Especially when I suddenly think of you, the power of the two musicians is also essential. Everyone is very committed to seriously interpreting every song.

Liu Yuning, the lead singer, used to be a chef. Every time he stood up and sang, he was a lot taller than the passers-by behind. I don't know if it was because of the camera. He jumped off during the live broadcast. It wasn't very cold at all, but he was a quiet and boring boy everyday. He was a people's teacher. He sang several songs for the lead singer and a voice. Sometimes he also sang several songs in the live broadcast, which was very good Listen, but it's not special. I like the guitarist Zhuo better. He plays the guitar very well. I've never heard him sing, but sometimes I play the guitar and sing with the lead singer.

As a netizen's view of the 'Reaper harvester', the modern brothers are singing a lot of songs, and each of them has a high degree of popularity in the whole network. The pop singer's popularity in cool dog music is also rising. The heat rank has reached the third place of the total singer, second only to Joker Xue, Jay Chou, more than Zhuang Xinyan, Zhang Jie, Mao, and JJ Lin.

The modern brotherhood is a big voice who has been on fire recently. It attracts millions of fans with handsome appearance and first-class singing skills. The modern brothers are made up of 5 people. They are the lead singer Xiao Ning, the great art, the guitarist, the big keyboard and the Sax sheep.