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Notes on application for 2018 college entrance examination

In a few days, college entrance examination scores will come out one after another. For examinees, the most important thing is to fill in the application form. So what are the precautions in the process of filling in the application? Let's get to know.

Volunteer for six steps

The first step is to be familiar with the policy

Parents of examinees should have an overall grasp of the college entrance examination policies of the province, understand which policies are very important, which are closely related to their own vital interests, and whether the important policies have changed in that year. For example, parents of examinees should know at least several batches of volunteers in their provinces, each batch needs to fill in several voluntary schools, and can apply for several majors.

Step 2 collect information

Sources of information and channels are crucial. Generally speaking, the authority channels that parents can choose are roughly the following: Sunshine college entrance examination information platform, local examination and University official website, WeChat public number, official micro-blog, etc. We can also refer to some blogs, forums and parent circles related to college entrance examination to exchange professional knowledge.

Step 3 accurate positioning

Positioning is the most important step in filling in the application. As we all know, college entrance examination is to rank a certain range of students according to their wishes and college entrance examination scores. From high to low, the higher the rank, the greater the chance of admission. Before filling in the application form, candidates can be positioned according to their usual or simulated scores to see their positions in the class, school, district or even the whole province.

Step 4 know yourself and your enemy

As the saying goes: 'know yourself and know your enemy, a hundred battles will never be lost'. If we do a good job of positioning "confidant", we should also do a good job of "knowing the other". In addition to policies and regulations, the process of "knowing the other" is to make clear the basic situation of each enrollment institution. For example, the enrollment regulations, enrollment plan, the filing line, professional line, faculty, professional setting, subject specialty, employment and further education of the University in the previous year.

Step 5 primary selection

"Primary volunteer" is to determine the target institutions in combination with their own performance orientation. Students and their parents should have a direction for college entrance examination. At this time, candidates can roughly define some colleges and universities that have enrollment plans in your province, carefully read the enrollment regulations, compare the number of students enrolled and enrollment scores among colleges and universities, and select colleges and universities that are consistent with their own interests, scores and batches.

Step 6 simulation filling

"Simulated filling" is to present the examinee's college entrance examination volunteer list completely and do a real simulation according to the volunteer settings of the province and the city. The advantage of doing so is to reduce mistakes. At present, the college entrance examination is filled out on the Internet and completed within the specified time. No supplementary application will be made after the deadline. Every year, there are many problems such as operation error, lost password and so on in the voluntary filling. In addition, the busy network system inevitably gets busy, so the simulation in advance is well prepared.