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What's the meaning of hat trick in football? The origin of hat trick

Ronaldo used a hat trick to reverse the victory in the world cup. Do you know what a hat trick means? I believe all fans know and are even excited about it. But if you are not fans, you certainly don't understand the meaning. Let's let Xiaobian popularize science for you.

Hat trick is originally a kind of magic, which refers to the transformation of actors from hats to pigeons (generally limited to three). It originated from Lewis Carroll's fairy tale Alice in Wonderland.

Football hat trick, now used in football, refers to a player who scores three goals in a row in the same match, which means that it is similar to the magician's trick, which is amazing and amazing. For example, Germany's No. 11 Klose performed the 38th 'hat trick' in history, while in 1954, there were eight 'hat tricks' in the world cup, the most in history.

English is' hat trick '. With the increasingly fierce competition in modern football games, the level gap between countries is small, hat trick has become a difficult task. So when it appears, it is even more remarkable.

Examples of football hat tricks

Higuain scored a hat trick: the 19th South Africa World Cup group B competition entered the second round. Argentina swept South Korea 4-1 to win two straight games at Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg. Higuain became the first player to score a hat trick in a single match. In the 17th minute, Lionel Messi sent a free kick to park Chou Yong, and in the 33rd minute, Higuain smashed the ball with a head hammer. In the stoppage period of the first half, Demi Kelly made a low-level mistake, and Li Qinglong seized the opportunity to pull back a point. In the 76th and 80th minutes, Higuain easily scored two goals to complete the hat trick.

Historical evolution

The hat trick originated from Lewis Carroll's fairy tale Alice in Wonderland. The book says that a hatter can conjure with his hat. Later, the British Cricket Association borrowed its meaning to award a hat to each pitcher who hit the post or crossbar three times in a row to make three opponents out of the game, so as to show his superb throwing skills, which is the 'hat trick' of cricket.

It was first used in 1858 to describe HH & Middleton Stephenson, a famous British cricketer, who hit the post three times in a row and scored. At the celebration held for him after the game, he received a hat as a gift for celebration.

What is football hat trick? What is football hat trick

Cricket is similar to baseball in the United States, which requires the pitcher to throw as fast as possible and the opponent to hit as far as possible. Since cricket, all the fans who enter the cricket field to watch the match strictly abide by a rule:

It means respect for all the players, referees and spectators on the court. So the hat represents respect. Generally speaking, if a pitcher throws three good shots in a row and knocks out three other players, it is quite amazing. If this happens, the referee will give the pitcher a hat as a supreme symbol of honor. In short, "hat trick" means that cricketers score three goals in a row and get a hat to encourage them.

In the 20th century, hat trick was quickly used in other sports, such as Hockey (hockey), baseball (baseball) and soccer (soccer). It refers to the performance that the players scored three yuan in the same game, three times in a row. The specific meaning is that in a game, a player kicks three goals into the other side's goal.

In the 1958 World Cup semi-final between Brazil and France, Bailey scored three goals in a row and eliminated the French team. Bailey's autobiography divided the glory into a chapter entitled "hat trick". The term "hat trick" was later popular in China, which began with the Chinese version of Bailey's autobiography.

In the 1870s, the word appeared in print. With the passage of time, hat trick not only refers to the score of players, but also refers to anything that happens three times in a row.

In 1974, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher became the leader of her party and won three consecutive elections between 1979 and 1987. The unprecedented success of the three campaigns was what time magazine called "Margaret Thatcher's hat trick".

In 1974 she became party leader and went on to achieve an unprecedented hat trick of election victories from 1979 to 1987.

It can be seen that the application of "hat trick" is not limited to the field of sports. People also use it to describe any three consecutive successes.

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