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How can Taobao World Cup dolls gather quickly? Collect the methods of World Cup dolls

With the start of 2018 World Cup, Taobao launched the event of collecting dolls to win awards for the world cup, so do you know how to quickly collect dolls of the world cup? Collect dolls' strategies and share.

How to collect the doll cards of Taobao World Cup

1. First board reward: the first time you log in to participate in the activity, you will get 3-5 chapters of doll card

2. Log in every day: log in to the activity page, and you will get 1-2 different cards every day

3. Sharing Award: by successfully sharing, a friend can log in to the activity page, and the sharer can get a stop doll card

PS: one upper limit per day, i.e. only one doll card can be obtained through sharing in one day

4. There are prizes in the contest: you can participate in the contest every day. If you are right, you will have the chance to win 'empty shopping cart', 'massive rights' and' doll card '

PS: if you guessed wrong, you also have a chance to get a doll card

5. Youku watch the live video: ① when watching the live video of the game in Youku, you will get the doll card of the country where the goal is scored; ② when doing the watching task of Youku video, you will have the chance to get the doll card by opening the chest on the right side of Youku Video;

6. Taobao account binding: ① when Youku binds to Taobao account, the system will give away one; ② when you are hungry, bind to Taobao account and get another doll card

7. Gift from friends: Yes, the doll card is the same as the five blessing card. It can be given to you by friends

The above is the introduction of how to collect the doll cards of Taobao World Cup. If you want to collect the doll cards, you can refer to them.