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Voice, modern brother Liu Yuning, personal data, modern brothers, how many?

Recently, the trembling voice can be said to be a fire. Many people now have another group of fire. They are called modern brothers. Modern brothers have sung many songs, and even many netizens are better than the original ones. Do you know who is the leading singer of modern brothers?

It is reported that the lead singer of modern brothers is Liu Yuning.

Recently, the trembling voice can be said to be a fire. Many people now have another group, called the modern brothers. One of the handsome faces is impressive. He is the lead singer Liu Yuning. He also has many fans on YY. Now micro-blog fans are also rising in minutes.

Modern brothers, YY group anchor. Five big boys who love music, once had to engage in work unrelated to music because of life. A chance, the five people together, began a challenging music journey. From obscurity to fame, they always put music first in their hearts. They have also been questioned, denied, and even reviled, but these will not stop their progress. They are not good at gorgeous language. They will only tell you with the most simple and sincere songs in their hearts, and ask you to listen with the most grateful mood. Five men are committed to playing bad. From Lin Zhiling, who is the face of the game, to two people fighting for the bill, they almost stopped in hospital. The identity of the same northeast people is amplified by the discovery of netizens. Some people say, 'in my lifetime, I will present this MV to you on my knees to show my respect for the talents born in the black land of Northeast China. His representative works are skateboarding shoes of northeast edition, mountains and seas, etc.

Profile of Liu Yuning, lead singer of modern brothers

Name: Liu Yuning

Nickname: Modern brothers

Micro blog: MD UU modern brother (click me to enter the homepage)

Happy gathering of artists under the media.

Studio: YY: 4528.

Age: January 8, 1990

Born in Dandong, Liaoning

Jitter number: MD4528

He is a anchors in YY. Recently, playing the jitter has attracted a lot of fans' attention. He looks handsome and sunny. His voice is pleasant and moving. He likes to go to YY to pay attention to his live room. He can also see new videos on the jitter. There are still many beautiful pictures on micro-blog.

He has been singing a lot of songs on the jitter. He is a very powerful singer. Now every video can get tens of thousands of praise at least. He is good at making live and video on various occasions.