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Does history really support this person? What is the historical prototype of Fuyao?

The TV play "whirlwind" has been on air. I'm really looking forward to it. Yang Mi's acting is very clever. When the first episode jumped the cliff, it was Pipi shaking. Fuyao is also adapted from the network drama novels. Do you know what the historical prototype of Fuyao is? Is there really Fuyao in history? With the development of the plot, Meng Fuyao, as the heroine, has always been the focus of attention, especially her life experience, which is full of mystery.

Who is the supporting queen in history

The play is adapted from the novel "supporting the Queen". Although the play is very interesting and its life experience and experience affect the hearts of the audience, it is understood that the novel is elevated in historical creation. It is not difficult to see that there is no supporting the queen prototype in history and there is no supporting the queen in history.

Although Fuyao has no prototype, it is similar to Empress Wu Zetian from the ordinary beginning to the final queen. The play is full of domineering modeling and has the demeanor of the queen. However, in the end, Fuyao did not claim the title of emperor, but helped the eldest grandson to unify the five continents and establish a great cause.

In the process of helping changsun Wuji, they love each other and stay together, work together to prevent civil strife, work hard for the people to live in peace, and gradually uncover the mystery of supporting their lives.

What is life experience

Fuyao's mother, who was originally the maid of Princess Ying of Xuanji state, was born by shouting for lotus. The new emperor ordered that other concubines not be allowed to have children. She was kept in the cupboard where her mother lived when she was five years old.

Later, Wuji prince found Fuyao and gave it as a gift with Xuanji picture. Later, fengjingfan took the picture as Fuyao's identity. Later, fengjingfan reported to the empress about Fuyao. Fuyao's mother was killed because of this. Zongyue pitiful Fuyao closed all her memories before she went to the age of last year and took it away for support.

Fuyao hanlian was born because her previous life was actually a lotus in the Changqing hall, and her grandson Wuji was the reincarnation of the founder of the Changqing hall. The founder fell in love with the lotus, and she was transformed into a human form by casting a method. Later, for the sake of lotus safety, she sent it to another time and space. Fuyao is the lotus flower, so the relationship between her and Wuji is doomed. For several generations of entanglement and love, the patriarch feeds the lotus flower with blood essence, and opposes the lotus and the temple until they meet again. Their fate is endless.