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How to protect yourself from sun in summer seaside tourism? Sunscreen tips sharing for summer seasid

For many people, is there any plan to go to the seaside in summer? It's very pleasant to go to the seaside with friends, walk with lovers, and blow the sea breeze with family during the holiday. But at this time, you should also pay attention to sunscreen, or your skin will be easily sunburned.

Precautions for seaside tourism in summer

1. Besides the direct sunlight, the refractive index of the sea surface to the ultraviolet rays makes the ultraviolet rays far higher than other places. Because there are no high-rise buildings to block the sun for you at the seaside, the ultraviolet light at the seaside is very strong. So in addition to the direct sunlight, the refractive index of the sea surface to the ultraviolet makes the ultraviolet of the sea far higher than other places.

2. The seaside is not as good as the city where there are buildings and trees to shade the sun, while people will unconsciously be exposed to the sun for a longer time when playing, thus increasing the time of being affected by ultraviolet rays.

3. Less clothes are worn on holiday at the seaside, which to some extent increases the area of bare skin.

4. If the skin has been soaked in water, the moisture content of the cuticle will rise, resulting in poor reflection ability of the skin to the light, and vulnerable to the erosion of UV.

Therefore, when you go to the seaside or even go to the outdoor swimming pool, you should be prepared for sunscreen.

Walk on the beach! Two coke caps are enough for sun protection

In the ordinary environment, if the dosage is insufficient, it is equal to no wiping, let alone at the seaside, so sunscreen is the first thing. Skin care experts say that a face to the seaside should be used as much as two coke lids.

If you think it's too heavy or greasy, it's recommended that you apply it twice. After 15 minutes, you can apply another coke cover. The sun mask will be complete and fit on your face.

Wear a bikini? You can't use up a bottle and touch it up every hour

You're going to wear a bikini on the beach? What's even more important than a big show is how to protect your body parts from the sun. You need to use the psychological preparation of dropping a bottle, but don't only see if the sun protection value is high enough, it's better to see if it's waterproof.

Before going to the beach, 20 minutes ahead of time should be painted in the room. It will be too late to be painted at the seaside. Because it will not be attached to the skin to form a protection without giving it time. Naturally, it will give you some color to see.

Keep in mind that the sunscreen effect will be greatly reduced when you come to the sea for a cool bath once an hour. Even if you don't plan to go to the sea again, even if you are lying in the shade of the beach, you should make up for it as soon as possible, because this is a unique skill that will never burn at the seaside.

No matter how good sunscreen is, you need to cool and calm your skin as soon as possible

Even if the sun protection work is seamless, can you have a good rest when you come back from the seaside? Of course not, because the sun protection only resists the sun damage, and the temperature of the seaside also needs to be solved and protected. Therefore, it is very important to cool the skin in time and repair it after applying the sun.

You can freeze a few wet towels in the fridge before you go out, and then apply them on your cheeks, arms, shoulders, knees, feet and other places that are prone to sunburn, or you can use the oldest method of applying frozen cucumber slices or watermelon peel, which can cool down the skin physically and replenish water naturally.

If you come back from the seaside, do you want to have it repaired after sun exposure

Even if there is no sunburn, if you are at the seaside for more than two hours, you must do post sunburn repair, because the heat damage can not be seen by the naked eye, it will lurk for more than one month and then appear sensitive, discolored, dry and other problems.

So after the toner, add a sunburn repair procedure before the essence. In addition, ice cream yogurt sedation repair method is also very feasible, 20 minutes to wash away, nourish and whiten.

A mask of moisture that the sea breeze takes away may not be determined.

Many people regard a piece of replenishment mask as a big savior after sun repair. The direction is right, but this mask is far from enough to replenish the moisture that the skin loses under the sun and the wind.

Expert suggestion: make up water has layer and small space to clap five or six times continuously, let the skin drink enough water is to give it breathing space; or the cotton piece soaked make-up water is pasted in the most serious place, for example, make up water, two to calm down.

Sunscreen and isolation

Don't think that enough sunscreen can make you feel at ease. You go to the seaside. If the salt in the sea water is not washed in time, it will adhere to the skin and oxidize the skin. Doesn't it accelerate the aging and dullness of the skin, and neglect it?

In fact, it's a good solution. It's recommended to add a layer of isolation before sunscreen. It will form a film on the skin surface, sweat can be discharged, and the small particles crystallized after evaporation of sea water on the face are separated by the film, which will not hurt the skin.