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How much does it cost to go to Russia to watch the world cup in 2018?

Russia's world cup has begun. For many football fans, do you want to go to the scene to enjoy the charm of football? Then how much money does it cost to go to Russia to watch the world cup? Let's get to know.

1. How to buy tickets for 2018 World Cup?

Tickets for the 2018 World Cup have not been released to the public. But the intermediary channels have to be sold. These intermediaries are commonly known as "scalpers", so tickets are very expensive.

If possible, it is suggested to purchase from FIFA World Cup official website or World Cup Official designated agent website (beware of fishing website). )

The whole set of tickets for the competition is about 20000 RMB. The tickets include the middle seats for all the group games, 1 / 4 finals, and the top seats for the semi-finals and finals. If bought in the hands of scalpers, the price should be at least 50000-60000. FIFA said tickets will be officially sold after the middle of this year's Confederations Cup.

How much does it cost to go to Russia?

It's not expensive. There are direct flights to Moscow in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and other first tier cities. The price of air tickets is usually 2000-3000 per ticket.

So when you go to Russia to watch the world cup, the main expenses are meals, accommodation and transportation.

A. Accommodation cost: the cost of hotels in Russia's first and second tier cities is not much different from that in international first and second tier cities. The level cost of popular 7-day hotels is 700 yuan / day. The only difference is that there is no group purchase in Russia, and hotel reservations will be quite popular during the World Cup, while the price will naturally rise. Therefore, it's better to book the hotel 3 months before the World Cup starts. If two adults stay for two nights in a game, the price is estimated to be 1400 yuan / day. During the world cup, one month's stay, the total accommodation cost is conservatively estimated at 42000 yuan, with an average of 21000 yuan / person.

B. Meal cost: the cost of eating is also large. If the meal is relatively high-end, it may be higher than the cost of staying in the hotel. Of course, as for the economical fans, they should choose the most cost-effective dining system, three meals a day, one meal with good points (steak, pasta, etc.), two meals with pizza, instant noodles, etc., so the cost of eating a day is estimated to be 200 yuan, 4000 yuan a month. If you buy some beer wings or go to the bar to watch the game, the cost can be conservatively estimated at 5000-6000 yuan.

C. Transportation cost: it's about the same as the international second and third tier cities in Russia. President Putin said in 2018, fans with fan Id need no money to drive or how to get ID. If you don't have a fan ID, you can make two calls every day, 20 yuan each time, then the fare is 40 yuan / day, 1200 yuan / day for a month.

On the whole, the total cost of tickets + accommodation + meals + transportation is about 50000. I suggest that the budget for going to Russia to watch the world cup should be at least 60000 yuan, because we should also prevent various conditions and extra consumption, such as illness, shopping, etc.

Finally: on the eve of the 2018 Russia world cup, hotel bookings are bound to be extremely popular, the earlier the bookings, the cheaper. Russian people don't speak English very well. We should prepare translation software. It's better to go with a Russian professional fan. In addition, Russia's daily necessities are a little cheaper than those in Europe and the United States. If you have more budget, you should buy some.