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Profile of Russian World Cup Golovin

Golovin, 22, became famous in the opening match of the world cup in Russia. He is a rare all-around player. He can play both in the front waist, the back waist and both sides of the avant-garde. Golovin is famous overnight, but how much do you know about him?

A precise free kick, two beautiful assists and a clever indirect assist, plus a series of elegant breakthroughs and offensive organization, four of Russia's five first goals were dominated by Golovin, a young Central Army talent midfielder in Moscow. Even the yellow card he ate was also a foul because of a brilliant one-to-three consecutive breakthrough blocked and active anti robbery. Such a master performance appeared in the world cup opening battle, which is really famous for World War I.

Although the FIFA technical expert group rated Russia's substitute left halfback cheryshev as the best in the whole game after the match, the brilliant performance of the whole game was undoubtedly the number one hero of the host's victory. Cheryshev's victory was in the second wonderful world wave on the back of the outer foot, but on the comprehensive performance and contribution to the team, the winner was the one.

The reporter was not surprised at Golovin's performance at all, and early put the key prediction that Golovin is the first battle of Russia into the column of predicting the opening war of the world cup, "the key to the host's rejection of Saudi Arabia's cold break in the opening war is the combination of three Golovin + twin attacks". This is because, during the interview with the Federation Cup in 2017, the reporter has found the talented new star He is the most promising new player to take over the mantle of Mostovoi and Arshavin. He has enough energy to shoulder the task of Russian football revival.

Golovin is a rare all-around player. He can play both in the front waist, the back waist and both sides of the centre back. He is very prominent at both ends of attack and defense. In the whole Russian team, when he took the ball, he was obviously different from other players in calmness, rationality and threat. As soon as the ball arrived at his feet, the whole attack organization became very clear. His natural and unrestrained style and key role were reflected as early as his youth -- he helped Russia win the European under 17 championship in 2013, and then won the European under 19 championship in 2015 Second place in the youth competition. On June 7, 2015, when he first played for the national team at the age of 19, he scored a goal after replacing the attacking core schrokov in the 61st minute to help Russia win the friendly against Belarus 4-2.

In dribbling technique, Golovin is also very delicate. In the opening battle, he often calmly controlled the ball and made breakthroughs in the face of more than two Saudi defenders. The narrow space seemed to grow under his feet -- talented players are almost 'space magicians'; in creativity, Golovin always tried some new breakthroughs and passing movements; anticipation, quick thinking and quick decision-making before receiving the ball On the one hand, Golovin is obviously the top player; on the other hand, in defense, Golovin also has a high ability to read the ball path, and at the expense of physical strength, he is always very active in defense.

During last year's Confederations Cup, and in recent friendly matches with Brazil, France and other strong teams, Golovin was very lonely. He did not have a group of team-mates who were outstanding as a whole in these strong teams, so he could only rely on his young shoulders to bear the responsibility of the whole team's attack. However, with the growth of some young stars in the team and the recovery of the state of the players from the strength groups such as Juba and cheryshev, Golovin Wen should not be too lonely in this world cup.

Golovin, who became famous in the first World War, is now the trump card of the Russian team, but the Russian team also has a dark card like the Milan Chuk brothers, who are also 22 years old. The twin attack team from the Moscow torpedo team is expected to become a powerful partner of Golovin after zaroev's unfortunate injury, especially the possibility that his brother Alexei and middot Milan Chuk compete for the starting position is increasing 。 In the next game, we have reason to expect more from the host's attack line.